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Staff Update - August 2020

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Canadian    136
Posted (edited)



Hello everyone!


July has been a very strong month for the server overall. Our server's activity is very similar to last month, and still remains near our record average. This month we peaked at 627 players online at one time. The server averaged 293.54 players throughout the month at all times. As for applications, we’re showing an increase from last month with a total of 3509 (>2070) received with a 27.75% acceptance rate. That means that we had 973 (>610) new players join the community! Welcome to all of you new players! We hope that you enjoy your stay.


We've had quite a large workload on our administrative team this month with a total of 17990 reports being submitted in the month alone, with an average of 600 reports being submitted a day. We would like to thank our team of Admins and Support for their hard work on the applications and reports this month! We are still working to bring in new support and admins to continue assisting with our growing popularity and to be able to provide more rapid assistance to our players when in need.  


On another note, government elections are starting to be implemented into the server. Be sure to keep up to date with them, our latest update on them can be found below!





As for changes within the Staff team, we would like to announce the unfortunate news of @Keane stepping down from his position within Management to put some of his focus into other areas. Do not worry though, he will still be around as a regular admin! Make sure that you take the time to thank him for the work he's put in during his time in Management and wish him luck with everything.


Our team is looking forward to August and hope that you all are as well. We wish everyone luck if they're returning to work, school, etc. And hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. Finally, to conclude, we'd also like to congratulate those who are promoted and welcome the new Support members to the team!


FearnR & FullyCanadian



Many of you are either going in vacation or staying at home due to covid, I wish everyone good health and good luck through this non ending health crisis! I also wish a good Eid al-Adha to all our muslim friends who will be celebrating today, stay safe!


As mentioned by FullyCanadian, Keane will be stepping down after almost a year being the most loyal and dedicated staff member I had the pleasure to work with in the management team. I've went through very difficult time managing the team thanks to his presence, and without his support during these small staff crisis, most of the difficult decisions couldn't have been taken. I'll welcome you back in the management team once you'll have taken some time to enjoy the server out of the constant stress and pressure that being in a management role requires!


FullyCanadian will be promoted Head of Staff to replace Keane, I'm sure he'll do great in this role and his work is already very appreciated by both players and administrators you've been helping!





Admin Promotions


Game Administrator Level 4 to Management

@FullyCanadian (Head of Staff)


Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3

@Groz (Assistant Head of Support)


Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2


Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1






Senior Support to Trial Administrator





Support to Senior Support






New Support Team Members







With our new staff application system, if you were not given support you will be able to check your application in the next 48 hours to see if it was marked as denied or reserved, accompanied with the reasoning and required improvement. Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in September for the staff update in October 2020.

Edited by FullyCanadian
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Jax    366

@nateXMY BOY

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abdulaziz    36
Posted (edited)

Sad to see Keane step down. Congratulations to everyone else. 

Edited by abdulaziz

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Justitiae    49


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Sacred    152

good shit my boyyy @Dios

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sage    202


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FearnR    42

Congratulations to everyone! And welcome new support!

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Tree    47

Well done all!

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nateX    125

Congratulations everyone!

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