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Purchasable inactivity protection

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WatchingEye    10
Posted (edited)

I would personally like the addition of an inactivity protection, you buy it and the inactivity scanner doesn't take away your purchased property if the character is not online for x amount of time, it could be different tiers, the max being set by the administration. I think this addition would benefit everyone as people might go on vacation or simply don't have the time to log in game for their property to not be taken away from them by the inactivity scanner. Cheers.



Edit: I'd like this added as a purchasable item on it's own rather than in the premium packages, if that wasn't clear already.

Edited by WatchingEye
Added edit.

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medo978    25
Posted (edited)

No, this is just as same as the clash of clans shield you pay for to protect your stuff. Shouldn't be paying to go inactive. 

Edited by medo978

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Marksman    136

With how, say, competitive the housing market is, I disagree with this. Why should you, an inactive player, be able to throw real money at keeping your property from being auto sold? That property of yours, just sitting there, doing nothing?

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joshua    77

Or just go to property management and let them know you'll be gone for a bit and they'll make sure it doesn't get auto nabbed?

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