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How do I take a photo of my character in the server?

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LexiLing    0

Hi guys, how do I take a selfie of my character in the game so I can upload it as a profile picture to Facebrowser.

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sio    63

not possible, what I do though is face my character to a wall and then angle a camera around. In lieu of that, you can always use the menyoo mod for GTAV SP but it's kind of a hassle to work with if you have never used it before

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Beatrix    7

Hire a photographer that's using menyoo, there are few businesses that do that. 

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mj2002    28

As mentioned before, face a wall and make it so you are zoomed in close. Then hit F7 to hide the interface and you could use Windows' snipping tool to easily take a picture.

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Invictus    28

There's two options.

First option as a few people mentioned above is to find a wall or a place to zoom in towards your character enough for you to take a picture and then later edit it through windows photo editor or PS. Or you can find someone to take a picture of you, that works too. However, the quality won't be that good and natural.


Second option is to learn how to use menyoo and rockstar editor.


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KV    118
Posted (edited)

Someone else using /camera for your picture can turn out really well.  There are some good IC photographers as well who are familiar with how best to set up these shots, and it provides them business and RP.  

Edited by KV

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Bash    81

The question was answered correctly. Let us know if you need anything else or if I need to restore this thread!

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