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Additional Clothing Pack for 1.1

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St3fan[NL]    278

I'd love to see more summer clothes, bathingsuits etc, we litteraly only have one style bikini with tons of textures..

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kilerbite    281

I'll try to get some time to create some exclusive clothing mods for the server and post them here. 

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Posted (edited)

Would be cool to see more every day outfits, but also some more types of skirts too! ?


Maybe some actual dresses? For big nights or clubbing outfits! ?

Edited by Survivalmaster

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RoamPT    14
Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, NBA said:

GTA V is matures only, adults. That's why when you buy the game at a store they ask for ID to make sure you're of age. Or you have someone of age to buy the game for you. Kids aren't suppose to play this game, if you're underage find a new game. The story mode of GTA V isn't meant for kids, it's a mature game, grow the fuck up.

First you completely missed the whole point of it. Which is fair I don't expect everyone to have the same common sense. Second I don't appreciate that kind of language towards me. I stated my opinion on a mod in which you got clearly very upset about, I can't imagine why.

Edited by RoamPT

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4 hours ago, Zayyy said:

We need the hair and clothes mod that people use on fb. Couldn't find em on gta5mods

Majority of them are paid mods if I remember correctly, might be best either contacting them directly or even tagging them here if you know who they are OOC.

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