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Rrjeti Shqiptar

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Dobraj Organization

The Dobraj Organization, otherwise known as Rrjeti Shqiptar (Albanian Network), or the Los Santos Albanian Mob, is an organized crime group made up of Albanian immigrants in the United States. The group's leadership is known to stem from the "Rudaj Organization", the most influential Albanian organized crime group in the United States, based in Westchester, New York.



The group is known to be headed by Burim "Bujka" Dobraj and Konstandin "Konsta" Zaharia. Both leaders are alleged to have been former members of the Rudaj Organization; having left New York behind before the federal prosecutions of the organization's members could take place.




The Rudaj Organization & Albanian Organized Crime

The Rudaj Organization, or as it's called by its members, "The Corporation", is an Albanian organized crime group based in Westchester, New York, and has expanded to Bronx and Queens. The group was known to be headed by Alex Rudaj and Nardino Colotti until the duo's incarcerations in 2006. The organization worked in conjunction with the Gambino crime family and other Italian-American (La Cosa Nostra) crime families in New York. Later on, the organization and the Italian-American crime families actually turned against each other. 


Members of Albanian organized crime groups abide by a code of honor—besa, meaning "trust". Similar to the recruitment process of La Cosa Nostra, when members are recruited to the Albanian mob, they take an oath.  


The Albanian mafia, as a whole, is one of the highest crime generating elements in the world. One of the main reasons for this is being how hard they are to penetrate as an organization. Using traditional values like a strong code of trust, the members of this group undergo strong internal discipline. Not only that but the Albanian mafia practice Endogamy in their clan-like structure, which increases the impermeability of their organization and the reliability among their members; with the majority of them being related to one another in some way. With this, the Albanian mafia has solidified its entry into crime in other countries, exploiting new opportunities.


The group's hierarchy is based on respect and reputation. The most influential individuals are at the top. 

Out of Character:


  • By joining this faction, you accept the fact that the leadership of the faction reserve the right to character kill your character at any time and reason deemed necessary. 
  • If you leave the faction at any time, your character is still liable to be character killed.
  • If you have any questions, criticisms, or concerns about the faction, please forum PM @Sacred or @Bek.
  • This faction upholds itself to a high degree of roleplay. If you do not meet this standard, you are liable to be removed from the faction.
  • This faction will not spoonfeed you roleplay. Members are expected to create their own roleplay.
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Big things coming from here.


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