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J-그린 | Graffiti Archive

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MomoIsHere    3

Hello, stranger. Welcome to my personal hell that I created for you psychos to look at my work. Have fun looking through my stuff. And if you want to contact me about my stuff: Fuck off.

And to the FIB Agent that is watching me: Fuck off, aswell.


So, this is the starting post. Just scroll through the page, im sure you will find something that you like. And if you dont, fuck off.

Gonna add every piece I make here, so atleast it doesnt get lost inbetween all those other pieces.


And if you still dont know whats going on: This is a graffiti archive, I archive my graffiti here.




Edited by MomoIsHere

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MomoIsHere    3



Signature tag I did in K-Town: https://imgur.com/OVFL5Ds

Tag in the canals. The stuff to the lower right is from a friend that snatched my paint can: https://imgur.com/gn8GJFq

K-Town, behind the LTD in the alleyway. Fuck A Fed <3: https://imgur.com/18H0xit

K-Town, in an alleyway. First piece I did with colour back in LS: https://imgur.com/1iwTgxD

Edited by MomoIsHere

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