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Vash Baldeus

GTA World - Advertisment Manager Helper App.

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Vash Baldeus    78



My name's Vash, some of you may know me in this community some might not. Either way, after having to deal with a few times where saved adverts of mine I accidentally wiped I thought of a bit better solution for the issue I was having, though I'd share what I cam up with. I've developed a very small program that allows you to store as many adverts as you want.


Screenshots of the program:





Buttons Guide:

ADD ADVERT - Will add a new advert to the list.

DELETE ADVERT - Will delete selected advert from list.

SAVE ADVERTS - Will save all adverts in list into a local file.


TEXT - Will copy advert text with /ad /cad or /badtext depending on advert type you select, with you only needing to paste it in-game.

BLIP - Will copy advert blip with /badblip [name], with you only needing to paste it in-game.

NAME - Will copy the typed name with /badname [name], with you only needing to paste it in-game.


NUMBER TO PUT IN - will replace "[#]" to the input number in any advert you copy that contains that.


App will auto save the adverts upon closing, in case you accidentally changed something and closed it by accident it will save.


** DISCLAIMER! Will share source code with Management upon request **


VirusTotal Scan results: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ab145ba92987f91a930b3eb8fd721b7d2274d78c71ec7575dff19047a09f21ef/detection

Download: http://gtaw.vashbaldeus.pw/gtaw_advert_manager.rar

Edited by Vash Baldeus

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