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[GUIDE] Realistic RP & Character Development

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Bash    42
Posted (edited)



Realistic RP & Character Development! (WIP)

Hey! You! You’re reading this because maybe you’re new to roleplay and want to learn. Maybe you’re a veteran and want to see if there is anything that you can add to your current skill or maybe….. You were just banned for Unrealistic Driving, RP, or Unfit for server. I’ve personally brought friends from other communities and they simply didn’t like the way GTAW expects roleplay, but they gave it time, adapted, and like many others can’t enjoy role playing anywhere else because of the…. Realism!


“It’s GTA.. That’s how you’re supposed to play..” NOOOOOO!


Grand Theft Auto is merely the game that was customized by Nervous to be a Roleplay game mode. It is a privately owned entity that is a modified version of the game. GTA: World is supposed to be played a certain way.. Just like playing a game of capture the flag.. You get the enemy's flag and return it to your base, because you’ll lose if you think you can keep trying to return your own flag to your base.

Roleplaying is an acquired taste at first, because to those who never played a game roleplaying might find it stupid. I know my wife did, but just hearing me tell stories of a few scenes she thinks it’s cool. Once you overcome the traditional Grand Theft Auto mindset or the nature of another community you will RP scenes that make memories to last a lifetime. GTAW is one of the most realistic servers you’ll play on, so fasten your seat belts.

Let’s get started. …ooh by the way! Hi.. I’m Bash!





Quick Tips:


1. When you’re in game ask yourself “Would the average human being do this?”

You should develop a habit of asking yourself that questions, because if anyone asked “Would you do that in real life?” your response could easily be in favor of your wrong decision. YOU might have the ability to shoot somebody or evade the police, but would the average person? Nope.



2. Get in the habit of recording/capturing evidence.

Maybe your character is a deranged psychopath turned serial killer and would harm others, but document your character development that lead to the murdering of 6 people over the span of a year. If you get banned or a player reports you, but you developed your character as such and roleplayed the scenes perfectly; You might just get set free. The type of character is realistic, but over the course of time in a roleplaying game mode, because you can’t just decide to make a character with the mindset of them being a cold-blooded killer. You need a story developed to justify realism and not just the application’s story. (Personally don’t recommend doing this type of character)



3. Handle an Admin’s action with CARE

As of the publishing of this thread I am NOT a member of GTA:World’s Staff Team. 

When an admin pulls you to the side, voids your RP scene, jails you, or bans you they have what they feel is a perfectly justified reason. You can curse at them and call them names, but its possible you’ll make matters worse. GTA:World’s management team and hiring process is very specific oriented to only the highest quality staff members. The admin that took action knows the every rule document inside and out, is an experienced roleplayer, and worked hard to earn their spot. It is very rare they pull the trigger using administrative action without knowing 110% that they were in the right, but we’re human and make mistakes.

Your tone and the way you present yourself can truly impact your final verdict. If you did wrong, take it as a learning opportunity, if you are right, provide evidence just as they likely would, and be civil. Kindness can go a long ways, but being any rank from Support to Lead Administrator myself I can tell you they’ve heard every sob story and they know your little brother didn’t get you banned. Be honest, be kind, and be open minded.


4. Use /ame frequently.

When roleplaying it is okay to /me laughs, but /ame keeps you from filling the chat with repeated actions by just placing the action above your character.


Realism & Developing Characters 101

   All roleplay here at GTA:World is in Real-Time and I put this at the very beginning of this guide because it is something that new roleplayers or roleplayers that are from a light/medium community seem to have an issue with. When I log in and select my character I am no longer Bash. I am the character I selected until I log off or /changechar. Think of it as improvised acting.. Your character’s personality, the way they walk, talk, and think are not the same as you the player. When you roleplay you are basically writing a story and acting it out at the same time. Things can change at a moment's notice. Just because you are AFK doesn’t mean your character wasn’t robbed, so when you sit back down at your computer you have to start emptying those pockets.


**Roleplay is not at your convenience and is required at all times.**


Realistic Driving


Photo Credit: @sushi trash


You’ve been active and finally have enough cash to buy your first car. It’s as if you’re 16 again and just got your license, because you’re independent, and never have to walk again. Okay maybe an awkward analogy, but drive as if you’re driving in reality. The “AVERAGE” driver would not blow 5 stop lights at 120mph, take out 3 traffic lights, curb check a sidewalk, and finally hit a wall.. Then DRIVE-AWAY?! The average driver wouldn’t even do the first part of the example. Drive as if you’re actually driving in real life. People who hit things try to blame de-sync, but the thing is that it can be a valid excuse at times; If you hit something that would be unrealistic, just RP the accident, and if you’re evading LSPD take the jail time by any chance. You don’t want to be ajailed for unrealistic driving or be banned for being a frequent offender.


**The legal speed Limit is 60mph in Los Santos and 90mph on the interstate.**


Player Kill (PK)



Photo Credit: @Wirbelwind


There isn’t a specific rule against it, but it is merged with the meta-game rule, and is handled as such, because it is really based on common sense. A Lot of players still face the issue of separating virtual events from those that could happen in reality. If you were run over by a car, murdered, etc in game you’ll be able to RP your death, and respawn. In real life you would simply be dead. You can’t go and get your stuff off your body or grab your car. Give enough time to let any RP within the scene to finish. Remember that unless you knew a person before the scene you no longer know them and if you did know them you forgot everything that had taken place.


**Common Rule of Thumb: On death your character should lose 30 minutes to an hour of memory prior to the scene which had taken place.**



Character Kill (CK)



Photo Credit: @shaun


Time is up. You’ve reached the end of your character’s story and might feel that you can progress no further or you were involved with a faction that has CK discretion. When you CK you will be given ONE free name change for the life of your account and after you are CK’ed you have to remember to roleplay it realistically, but how do you do this? Your new character cannot know the character who died or actually anything from their life. They are a completely new person. You are involved with a character that is CK'ed. They are now dead, so it is up to your character on how they want to handle it. Will they avenge the death with another CK? If your character dies while trying to carry out the CK they will be CK’ed... Maybe they died in an accident, so will they grieve? Just really depends on how your character developed. You can be forced to be CK’ed after an IC shootout with the LSPD. Most communities penalize your character’s assets by taking a certain percentage away from their total net worth, but fortunately GTAW doesn’t penalize that character slot!


**CKs are not taken lightly. You can appeal to CK another character, but it has to be a very valid reason IC’ly. Submit an application HERE

Please read the information thoroughly.**


Realistic Actions



Photo Credit: @Selena


An often complaint is how some members make their character perform unrealistic actions and during the beginning of this guide I gave an example of driving. You simply wouldn't just walk away from running into a wall at a high rate of speed.


Your character's actions are very important to realism. If they have been developed to be impulsive.. Keep being impulsive. Be blunt if they are a genuine asshole. If they seem to be a shy person, then keep being a hermit, and seek another character that is roleplaying a therapist.. Remember it is your character's story. You must shape it the way you see fit, because who knows maybe they'll become a social butterfly.


Fear Roleplay is required by rules set in place for the server, because lets be honest. If someone is robbing you, they pull out a gun, and start yelling for whatever you have in your pockets.. You'll shit your pants.. Wouldn't you? I know I honestly would. Management noticed that the average player whom had a innocent and legal personality would automatically become superman when they were getting robbed and it started to affect illegal roleplay. If you ever getting robbed in game, remember the previous topic of this guide.. Personality... Obviously a character who grew up in the projects, gang bangs, etc may not be scared, but if your character has lived an innocent and legal life you should portray a fear for your life. The gang banger may not be scared, but they'll likely comply unless they have something to protect themselves.. Make sense?


Police Interaction is something that you might face quite a bit. If you're speeding and they flip on their lights for you to pull over, just pull over, and comply. This is another point for the "Grand Theft Auto" mentality comes in mind, because while it is the natural action for this specific game, would you just keep going in real life? Probably not, because you'll face extreme consequences. If you've got illegal guns and drugs in your car, at least pull over, and appear nervous. Maybe they won't search your car? FUEL the roleplay and then run if they're about to search you. If your car is stolen... Run? Evade the police when it would be a realistic moment and not for a rush. It is damaging to their roleplay and can be found annoying.


Injury can happen to your character. You may not feel it sitting behind your computer monitor, but your character "should." Lets say you're walking across the street and somebody driving unrealistic comes barreling down Hawick Ave. They score 20 points as they smoke you at a cross-walk and your character gets back up.. /anim and roleplay it! It is up to them to stop, check on you, and get you an ambulance, because you wouldn't stand up from that in real life. If you were shot in the arm, the leg, or both of those were injured in an accident.. Roleplay it for a week or two and add that to your story, because not only is it immersive, but it is literally the rules to keep the RP Quality high!


I might add more to this segment later...

Drug Realism



Photo Credit: @dodGE



If your character is looking to buy from a dealer and they see a guy standing in a dark alley, would your character be fearful of them according to their development and personality?...or would they need the drugs so bad that they didn't care?


I mean if your character's development has a extended history of being a tweaker.....maybe. At the end of they day we don't typically buy drugs from random people and even as children we were always told not to take a pill unless it was from our mother and father, because you never know exactly what it is.. We all know that drugs are script limited from being laced (for now?) and that what you buy from a dealer is legitimate, but from an IC stand-point how do you know? Never trust the random dude wearing a hoodie in a dark alley, because you may not walk out it with your fix. 





I get it, your boss wants your character to move the product as fast as possible, but you still have to move it realistically. Before I ended the development on my character Clay I was buying some clothes in a clothing store, and a person straight up walked in and asked me if I wanted some cocaine. Clay was a wild character, but he had never touched a single drug in his life, so IC'ly he was rejecting the dealers offer. The dealer proceeded to rob Clay, because he didn't want anything to do with his booger sugar... In the middle of a clothing store... 


My point is sometimes you might have to start selling from any dealer hot spots that are known for slinging before you start building connections and regulars, but selling them in the straight up open is not only stupid, but unrealistic. I've seen so many people not even use /low or /melow when dealing in an open parking lot. Before you say BUT BASH... SOME DEALERS REALLY ARE STUPID... Some are dumb enough to sell to anyone and anywhere, but is the average dealer?




Gun Weapon Realism




Photo Credit: @Wirbelwind (Again!)


Recently when I made my return to GTA:World the first thing I checked was my Granger to make sure my beloved Combat Pistol was snug in the driver-side door. Do you want to know why? Do ya? For the simple fact that guns are not easy to obtain on this server, which has it's pros and cons, and that's where we lead into this next section of the guide. (Check out the spoiler for a fun story and important thing to note.)




**Fun Story and Note Here**

As of the writing of this guide, Guns are heavily regulated here at GTA:World to regulate the amount of realism that comes with having one in your inventory, to prevent death matching, and i'm sure a lot of other reasons based on management discretion. Shortly after my character Clay was gunned down after a group and I were following another in my murdered out Granger in attempt to rob a group of four for some easy cash.. I was PK'ed and in my character's hand was my prized possession. I was desperate, but recently Clay was returning to Los Santos, so he didn't have the connections that he used to, so therefore I was just like the average Joe. At one point I thought I built a relationship with a fella and that's when I learned that the nearly $40,000 I paid for two pistols would turn out to be another PK and a nice payday for that clever son of a gun, so I couldn't avenge my death for being scammed due, because Clay didn't know it happened, and I couldn't report it because when it comes to Drugs and Weapons.. There is no limit to scamming.  Lesson learned there, but I understand why that is in place, however, that is for another conversation. **


Weapon Use:
When it comes to guns you want to keep a very high level of realism. The average person is actually scared of a gun being drawn and you may or may not believe this but the average person hasn't ever actually fired one. I'm from the south here in America, so I have them locked up in my house, but most know the south isn't.... Average...

Even myself being a veteran roleplayer for over 12 years can find myself that walking around with a gun can bring temptations because you have a sense of power. If players roleplay fear properly you really do, I don't recall ever actually firing a gun on this server to be honest. There is very rarely a time that a gun needs to be fired by the average character, because guns are literally intended to provide protection. If the moment occurred that I needed to discharge my firearm I would, but to be honest it really made Clay's point anytime he needed to wave it around. One of the most common questions new players ask is how to obtain one and their reason is usually for "protection" and while that might be true in some areas of Los Santos; Their character hasn't even developed enough to justify it.



Whether your weapon is a gun, bat, wrench, etc, take realism into consideration when pulling it to use it. I've had a player pull a bat from the leg of his shorts once.. I can't make this shit up...

If your character already has the weapon in their hand when they walk up to their victim role-play it. They may not see it.


/me - PLAYER NAME approaches VICTIM with a blank stare.

/do - You would see a baseball bat casually resting on PLAYER's right shoulder (PLAYER NAME)


Examples of roleplaying drawing a weapon are:



/me - Player Name uses his left hand to lift his shirt up and pulls a Combat Pistol from his waist band using his right hand.

/do - Victim would hear Player slide back the pistol's hammer as he points it to their head.(Player Name)



/me - Player Name walks to the trunk of his car, pulling the handle to open it, and reaches inside.

/do - You would see PLAYER pull a baseball bat from his vehicle's trunk. (Player Name)



/me - PLAYER NAME uses his right hand to pull something out of his left back pocket.

/do - PLAYER would appear pissed off as he beats a wrench into his left palm. (Player Name)


Once that roleplay is done, give the player a moment to respond, and then make your next move RP'ly..
Whatever you do... For the love of god.... Do not say /me PLAYER NAME swings their bat. Knocking out VICTIM.


The reason that is unrealistic, is because what if the victim was able to duck, or step back? That /me was powergame.


Selling/Buying Firearms:
This part of this section is going to be pretty short and sweet. You will unlikely find another player willing to legitimately sell you a gun. There isn't a scam limit, so why should they give up a gun when they can have your money also? 
When dealing with firearms you might want to just wait until your character is developed enough to have IC connections and trustworthy people.

If you are an arms dealer new to the weapon trafficking scene and you have people you can trust.. Do it in a realistic environment and not in the middle of a parking lot and if you have plenty to give up... Be careful who gets them in your hands, because that is a nightmare in the making.

Now lets get into some character development shall we?!



 Character Development Example

*My main point of this section is at the end and will make sense if you read the entire section.*


 Dr. Sebastian Foster, MD, FACS


I have a character that moved to Los Santos and has spent his entire adult life on a journey to become a doctor. He never got married, started a family, and his biological family is back home. He’s pretty lonely, but his hard work led him to becoming the doctor he had always dreamt of becoming. One night he was out having drinks and became involved with a questionable man through casual conversation. Dr. Foster is drowning in debt from becoming double board certified for Psychology and Trauma Surgery; The high cost of his education resulted in a lot of deferred debt to continue training when he should have started paying for it six years ago, and the man he met eventually took a risk by persuading Dr. Foster became his organization’s personal physician. If caught his actions could result in his medical license being revoked by the medical board, because it is illegal in America for physicians to practice medicine and perform surgery without records and outside of a clinical setting. Then eventually he agreed to start assisting the organization with covering things up that would be “cleaner” due to the doctor’s extensive expertise of the human body. 


How is this realistic? Why would a doctor who worked his entire life for such prestigious achievements risk throwing it all away?


Character development takes time, research, and planning. In my example I had to summarize the development due to details being so extensive. There are doctors everyday that lose their way by falsely writing prescriptions and a bunch of other illegal things. With character development there comes personality. Dr. Foster has a passion for healing others and he would be able to provide care to more people while making more money to help pay down his debt and get ahead of the game. A lot of physicians have a desire to be ahead of everyone else, so if he paid his debt off faster he could brag to his friends back home, buy his own home, and a nicer car while caring for others. His goal was to get in to pay off his debt and get out when his actual salary is pure profit, but things didn’t go as planned.


...But doctors make bank.


This is very true, but with Dr. Foster’s delayed start to practicing medicine in Los Santos and his cost to move resulted in his payments getting behind, and he had an offer to fix all of that. Providing care to the organization was merely an intermittent thing at first, but being a sheltered person he was unaware that once you start working with illegal entities it is very difficult to get out. He could be killed, blackmailed, or even reported to the medical board, so now he feels an obligation. The tasks being given to him continued to grow and now he’s dealing with things that make him uncomfortable, but he can’t just say no for the same reasons that he can’t just stop. 


What path will this result in? I have no idea, because his story is still going.


Your character’s development can take twists and turns. It might end up going in a direction that you don’t want, but you have to continue writing their story for the fact that real life never itself never goes as planned. Dr. Foster could end up with a CK if his guilt starts to eat at him, but maybe he will start enjoying what he’s doing.. Myself as a player doesn’t know, because when I’m in game I am Dr. Foster, not Bash.

Main Point: The possibilities are endless on what your character can develop into being. You have to keep realism in mind, because if your character has been a District Attorney for Los Santos throughout development and out of nowhere they start dealing drugs at night as a gang banger…. It makes no sense. Events need to take place to cause such a downward spiral towards desperation and those events don’t just happen all at once. Maybe he was disbarred? Who knows but it takes time to go from either type of character.

If you play an illegal character they can’t just one day decide to become a cop and move more north of Los Santos, because it takes time and events of them working to become a better citizen and get their affairs in order. They have to improve their education to get a more legal job, they have to cut ties with negative influences.. Does that make sense? 


...boy I hope so...

Character Planning

Before you create your character whether you're a new player, starting an additional slot, performing a name change, or CK request; It is crucial that you plan the ideas that you have in store for your character. I have a notepad that I personally write in and I take a couple of days to think about it off and on. What I do throughout that time is write down any idea that crosses my mind about my new character. What will his appearance be, who will he be, and what he will be. There are a few crucial things that you have to consider during your planning. Write them down!


  • History/Backstory
  • Their Age
  • Gender
  • Life Altering Events
  • Weaknesses/Flaws
  • Their Beliefs and Culture
  • Their Education, future, career goals.
  • And their style.


If you want a character that has a strong development it is good to still write/type your character's story, so you have some point of reference during their story. You should take everything listed above and cover most, if not all of them, because they play a vital role within your character's development. Remember your experience is what you make of it. At the end of the day, your amount of effort shapes this virtual entity, and is your most important contribution to this community. Moving forward.....


Character's Age:


The age of your character is a very important detail, because it gives a good idea of where they are in life, and gives a good idea of what their level of maturity might be. The age of your character may have it's pros and cons for example teenager can't get a license to carry a firearm, but are more likely to be brought in to a gang if they're being raised in south Los Santos, but most new adult characters are vice versa unless you were to start a gang of your own. I highly recommend that if you decide to play a character that is not an adult, ensure they look young during customization by using female for both sides of genetics, and use /attributes to describe that they appear to be in their mid to late teens. (Some cops use /examine, so they don't accidentally taze a minor)_

**As of the writing of this guide there is no restriction on your character's age**


Character's Gender:


The reason I'm adding this to the vital aspects is because while gender really doesn't matter to most and especially in 2020; The gender of your character will help mold the entire development before you create them.


Character's History/Backstory (and so forth):


Your writing days aren't over with an accepted application. If this isn't your first character it isn't being grade, but it is something you can reference as you start the development in game. Use this portion of your planning to explain where they are from, what their childhood was like, were they ever successful, what good things have happened to them, or the bad things. Negative moments in our real lives as we grow older might take affect, so use this to also show an explanation to the reasoning behind their flaws. Include information of every of the bullet points above with detail, and when you're finished you have something to reference if you need reminded on how you should be in character.


Character Research

  • Who is your character?
  • Where are they from?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is their culture?
  • What is their previous profession? (If they're an Adult)

    Those are just a handful of examples of things to ask yourself when you begin research. Add more to it if you like, but you should study it up! Maybe one of your character's flaws is having a disorder such as bipolar disorder, depression, or schizophrenia; Research those to know what a person who actually suffers from them acts like, because if your character is bipolar they are going to be randomly EXTRA and sometimes randomly impulsive, but majority they might seem normal until they aren't.. There is a flaw that you must portray in- character. Next up! How to realistically roleplay your character flaws.

Character Flaws

You should avoid roleplaying an avatar of yourself, because the entire point of roleplay is to step outside of your skin and experience somebody that isn't you.


Your character's flaws can drastically shape their lifestyle, personality, appearance, decisions, and actions that your character takes, so with the right amount of research you will be able to roleplay it well. Roleplaying these flaws aren't meant to add a negative vibe to your roleplay, but to add detail to your story, and fuel roleplay scenes. We would be here all day if I gave an example for multiple flaws being roleplayed, but for this guide I'll use one. I might write an entire guide on it?


Example of Character Flaw Roleplay:

Drug Addiction:
Scene --> Sandy Williams is a bartender and their break is coming up in forty-five minutes, they aren't very approachable, keep making mistakes, and they are frequently checking their watch, but time seems to just drag. They ask their boss several times with urgency to take their break and seem frustrated as they say no. They can't lose their job, so they can't walk out anyways and take it, so they wait. The moment the time changes to their scheduled break, they purposely avoid notifying their boss, and go outside to their car. As they get in their car they frantically pull items out of their center console until they find their baggy of meth, and their pipe wrapped in a blanket. They begin to smoke their meth and when they return to their shift they appear to be productive, approachable, and are out performing every employee around. At the end of your character's shift they were written up for not reporting that they were going on break.

Decisions and Actions --> Sandy's addiction made it to were she wasn't able to make any rational decisions, because they needed their "fix." They were punished because they decided to just do as they pleased, and acted on it by just going to break. Maybe they're only allowed so many write ups before they're fired? 


Potential Personality --> People who use meth might seem extremely irritable when coming down or going through withdraw. They don't care about anything except getting their next fix, and will stop at nothing to get it. They will lie, cheat, and steal. The list goes on... When they have their fixed it is as if the world will never end, they are usually extremely happy, productive, talkative, moving around like they have things crawling all over them.

Potential Appearance --> Meth can really MESS up your looks. Sandy most likely looks extremely older than she really is, might be very very thin, and smell different shortly after smoking. Their teeth might be on the verge of falling out and they are so busy doing whatever they want to be productive that they may not even think about showering for days on end.


Lifestyle --> Unless you are a rare breed of meth addiction that was already rich before you got hooked, your lifestyle may not appear very pleasant. You live in whatever it is that you can get by with whether it be on the streets, run down house, apartment, or trailer, etc. Some meth addicts struggle to make ends meet because they are willing to spend every penny they have to get their next fix and even have moments where the drug is more important than food.



Character Personality



Photo Credit: @sage

I recommend you have an idea of what kind of personality makes the most sense for their development, because why would a therapist be a compulsive liar or have an impulsive attitude?


Your personality is pretty vital to your character’s development, because it shapes your progress, but remember that everything your character does with other players can change their development as well. For example I created a character that was a runaway teen that started to get involved with a gang, but one of the members was a pathological liar, and his actions caused my entire process to come to a complete stop. Long story short he ended up becoming a homeless teenager with nowhere to go and he couldn’t just go back home..


(Might pick him up later and try to repair the damage by rerouting his development path.. Not sure?)


Make sure your character’s personality matches their actions, but we’ll cover realistic actions next.

Your character’s personality will also determine the people that hangout or work with you. I can list a ton of personalities, but the opportunities are endless ranging from being a conservative person to a raging asshole.



Edited by Bash
Correct RP example for Weapon Realism
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Bash    42
Posted (edited)

May 17, 2020

  • Welcome Letter
  • Quick Tips 
  • Realistic Driving (Realism RP)
  • Player Kill Explanation & Direction (Realism RP)
  • Character Kill Explanation & Direction (Realism RP)
  • Character Development Example (Character Development)
  • Character Personality (Character Development)
  • Realistic Actions (Realism RP)


Hyperlink for players to review Character Kill information & Application

May 18, 2020

  • Drug Realism (Realism RP)
  • Gun Realism (Realism RP)

May 20, 2020

  • Character Kill hyperlink to direct to information thread instead of appeal information.


  • Character Personality

May 21, 2020

  • Character Planning
  • Character Research
  • Character Flaws


Edited by Bash
Updated Change Log

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liafriuli    47

I love you for this, good job!

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Maybe I'm missing something but the link for the CK appeal isn't working. just thought I'd give you a shout. 👍

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Glitch    8

Great guide so far.

Regarding this, though:


When you CK you will be given ONE free name change for the life of your account

When I had my first CK, I wasn't given a free name change. I don't remember who it was but an admin said they do NOT give out namechanges even if it's the first time.

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Gargam3i    1

Superb post, I feel like you touch on every point that is vital for successful character development and how to properly approach roleplaying situations.


We've all seen the non-realistic scenes play out where people do not roleplay fear, injuries or crashes properly. Especially the fear part, everyone's characters seem to have balls of steel when faced with a dangerous or threatening situation. 

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nateX    68
1 hour ago, Glitch said:

Great guide so far.

Regarding this, though:

When I had my first CK, I wasn't given a free name change. I don't remember who it was but an admin said they do NOT give out namechanges even if it's the first time.

As stated in the Character Kill Applications thread 

  •  FM will offer 1 free name change to a victim for their first CK. All other CKs will not receive a free name change

On another note, good guide. Good job as always, Bash. 

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