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GTAW : Development blog - Road to 1.9

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Nervous    2364
Posted (edited)

Hello everyone,

With a potential new wave of players coming (we'll know in 4 hours if the rumor was true about free GTA 5) I wanted to showcase some of the soon to come features that will come on the server in the next weeks to come, giving you some ideas of what we're currently focusing on:


1) Player owned dealerships (ETA : End of May)

I've already detailed this in a specific youtube video that you can find here:


While the video is now a month old, we delayed the feature because many of you brought back feedbacks about it and we wanted to make sure it would go live with the standards you expected. There is still some small polishing to finish and it'll be ready 🙂 



2) New player experience (ETA : End of May)

I've wanted to revamp the new player experience for a while now, and I finally have some good concepts finished for it. The goal is that new players are taken by the hands the first hour on their server so that we can explain them basic features and rules, make sure they understand our server values' and our various unique features such as all the business jobs.

The main goal is also to redirect these players to a simple job that they can do to discover our server without disturbing others : it'll be the farming job here. We'll push new players out in the county to make sure they learn the basic concepts of the server without disturbing others as right now they're all joining the trucking job.


3) Farmer job (ETA : End of May)

This job will be very simple and similar to garbage and fishing : it'll be used to re-stock food suppliers and to introduce new players to how our demand / need works on the server for businesses. It'll also allow them to get a bit of cash to begin with without immediately rushing for the trucking job, as farming will directly provide them the vehicle required to do the job.



4) Bus driver job (ETA : June)

With the increase of players on the server and the soon to come release of 1.1, this script will add bus lines on the server and players will be able to become bus drivers to transport other citizens around the city.

We'll be soon adding bus stops around the city and you'll also be able to see where the buses are currently located while waiting at a bus stop.

You'll find below a WIP screen (obviously there will be no text labels to show the bus station name like this, it is used as debug purpose for now) : 



5) Devices (ETA : June)



The devices script is also almost finished and will be live soon : it'll allow LEO factions and players to access devices to leave bugs or trackers in specific areas or vehicles. This script will be tied with warrants for LEO factions and to the supplier system for players. We'll be most likely supplying weapon suppliers with a limited amount of tech equipments to sell to other players, including scanners to detect these devices.


6) Drugs revamp (ETA : ~July)


I'll not give much details about this yet as Knoxville will do when it's ready, but we're currently working on a revamp of our core systems to allows usage of 0.X grams, containers of items inside inventories (bags, pills bottles etc.). We're also working on some new drug creation scripts.


7) New weapons & weapons attachments (ETA : ~July)


With 1.1 coming, we'll be able to release more weapons and finally bring attachments with it. More information will be released later!


8 ) Cinema script (ETA : Mid May)


The cinema script is finally coming back! It's finished and will be deployed very soon:



It'll be way easier to use as before, as you can see the owner / employees will have a menu to manage the movie. A time sync has also been added, so if you join the cinema after 30 minutes you'll directly be synced with others!


9) Election system (ETA : Mid May)


The election system is now finished and the feature showcase will be released very soon! We've made a district based election script to start shifting the server toward mayor elections soon!




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