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Screenshot Guide (Elite)

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Declan    125
Posted (edited)

The basics


First and foremost, you'll need photoshop for this method to work. Photoshop generally provides sleeker results in general. 

You'll also need the script that removes the /blindfold'ed background (the blackness) so that you don't have to do it manually. This can be found here. To install it, follow these steps:










(Credits to Ren for providing this easy installation guide)


Now that the essentials are out of the way, we can get into taking the actual content itself. I hold F7 to get rid of the nametags, the text and the hud to take the main screenshot (what you're putting the text on top of), this will be your base screenshot. For example. 


Once that is done, you use /blindfold and either use steam or shadowplay (any third party screenshot device) to take a screenshot of the text. Example.


If you've done the aforementioned steps, you're ready to edit your screenshot. Open photoshop and create a new 800x600 canvas. Place the base screenshot onto the canvas so it looks like this. Once you've done that, go to your steam library to get the blindfolded text (here) Click on it and press share. This will upload the screenshot to your steam cloud so that you can use it for photoshop et cetera. If you took the blindfolded screenshot with shadowplay, it'll go to your Grand Theft Auto V folder. 


To get the blindfolded text (on steam) go to your name on the steam tabs and go to the content dropdown. This will bring up all your uploaded screenshots. To get it ready for editing, click on the photo you want to use and click on the enlargened image once more. It'll bring a little box up, click copy.


Moving on to the actual photoshopping; open up the text you just copied from steam (or open it from your GTA V shadowplay folder). Run the script to get rid of the /blindfold'ed background. You can then start to chip away the unnecessary text using the rectangular marquee tool. This is what it'll look like once you're done. You can finally start to place the text on the base screenshot that you took. My general rule of thumb is "show, don't tell" — meaning I don't use too much text but you can still get the gist of what's happening in this screenshot. 


Move the text you've used parallel to each other so it's nice and uniformed. Then use the rectangle tool and ensure that it's black to add the black backdrop to the text.  


This is what the finished product looks like:




Another way of editing that looks nice is chopping off the excess black from the backdrop. For example:




And you're done. Save the image as a png (or as a jpeg to give a grimey look). I recommend using upload.ee to upload your screenshots so you can place them back to back — as opposed to uploading it via the forums. I'll show you what I mean: The first spoiler is uploaded via the forums and the second one is via upload.ee. Notice the lack of gap between screenshots.








you're now officially an elitist.

Edited by Declan
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Declan    125
31 minutes ago, ForgotName7 said:

That's not elite if you leave the background lmao.


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