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Insane White Boys

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$tunner.    29
Posted (edited)

Street Gang

UzyhOaP.pngInsane White Boy or IWB is a peckerwood street gang, it started in 1993 in Orange County emerging from the Punk Rock scene, forming itself and it's mainly white members. It was later adopted by NLR, thus gaining some authority and respect. IWB has many sets within the USA including Northern California and Texas. 

Peckerwoods usually indulge themsleves in heavy meth abuse and trash music, they do sometimes participate in White politics, but mostly they end up like the rest of the gang members. Most members are known to relationships with females of different origins, even African-American. Peckerwoods are known to be allies with the Surenos, and usually the younger teenagers do quite in fact go skating or biking with Latinos belonging to another gang. White Gang members have been in Los Santos as well, IWBs was made out from mainly Vespucci residents, some are of Hispanic origins, though they formed a Peckerwood gang rather than a pure skinhead one. Usually all Peckerwood gang members do riddle themselves in White Supremacist ink to inflict fear amongst other gang members of different origins, thus a Peckerwood culture was born, as well as the inprisoned ones. This branch of IWB was formed around Vespucci Beach, picking the locals in their ranks, most coming from a Surfing background. IWB is mostly made out of younger teenagers, as it's a third generation Peckerwood gang. Most of it's members range between 14 to 17, they mostly come from poor families, as they'd be easier to manipulate for the gangs benefit. IWB are known to host Punk Rock shows discreetly, to mainly sell their meth and gather more members for their ranks, yet again for their own benefit. In 2005 the  gang became a part of the Southern California Skinhead Alliance, which was led by PENI and NLR. Gangs  such as La Mirada Punks, Orange County Skins, The Vicious  Circle, were part of the SoCal Skin Alliance.




Rock Band      

Barbaric Chompers is a punk rock band that was started in 2001, most of it's members resided within Vespucci, before any peckerwoods excisted in Los Santos. Barbaric Chompers was started by Knuckles, Skater and Romper. The band started from Skater's garage, they got high off Methamphetamine thus created a random trash punk rock song, and thought they were talented eventually they gathered more like-minded fans from that area, and got to host their own shows within Vespucci. In 2009 Skater was found dead inside his house, cause thought to be heart failure, the band went inactive for a few years.  

Knuckles formed the IWBs after the band going inactive, as he used his fanbase for members, in 2015 Knuckles and an associate which his name wasn't released by the media (known that he's 15) were caught with 15 grams of Meth. He pled Not Guilty and lost the case anyways, he got sentenced to 2 years in county jail. Romper continued the illegal activities, performing on shows with the newly affiliated members of IWBs and formed a new band with the name Insane Whiteboys, thus how it all started. Drug sales began to boom, and usually most of the local club owners charged them for the risk, as they were quite aware of the activies. in 2017, Knuckles was released, he began controlling Insane Whiteboys after he gained the authority from the AB from within Td024gw.jpgjail walls, they began selling illegal firearms in Vespucci, gaining more wealth for themselves as well as actual power on the streets on January, 2019 right after New Year, Romper was shot multiple times in the Torso nearby his home, after going to the store to purchase cigarettes, speculations showed that he was killed by another white member of IWBs, although there's no evidence. Knuckles was left crippled after a high-speed crash due to his intoxication and drug abuse in March, 2020, he's been criminally inactive since then.



IWB today are a very loosely structured organization on the streets, most of the older members are either deceased or inactive, they affiliate themselves with FAIM and Southsiders, PENI and Satanic Skins, they use skate parks and low-rider shows to gather new members inside their crew and sell drugs around those areas. IWB uses the rap music platform to gather members as well nowdays. They are also known to do business with Jewish small time mobsters when it's in their interest, the females within the gang are known to smuggle narcotics for the gang within prison for The Brand's benefit, ex-con members from the gang are known to be more cautious when doing illegal business with certain ethnicities due to them being registered in the prison system, thus encarving a certain behaviour towards them, they do quite do deals with them, but are very picky. 



This is a Caucasian street gang with a Peckerwood influenced culture, we are NOT a Neo Nazi Party our aim is to establish wealth. I heavily advise passive roleplay, gang members are normal human beings they do NOT go on robbing sprees or provoke random people for fun. Any OOC discrimination will be noted, and will be reported to the administrators of GTA World. If you wish to join our discord server or require any help feel free to PM @yslBy joining our faction chat In-Game we automatically gain CK permission upon your character.

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$tunner.    29
Posted (edited)



Edited by $tunner.

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ysl    90

ayo pass the pookie wood

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