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Surfing Roleplay Guide

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joaoivis    11
Posted (edited)



With the arrival of the lifeguards on the beach and the vast litoral we have around Los Santos and surrounding areas it would make sense to have some people roleplaying around surfing making Vespucci Beach, Santa Monica Pier and the other beaches more alive and give way more activity for the lifeguards and people that roleplay at the beach.
Despite GTAW not having a script wise way to roleplay surf boards and other sports, all the stuff will have no eyecandy visuals and will only work with pure /me, /do and /roll roleplay, like it works with the basketball roleplay and other sports that doesn't depend on scripting.



i. Beach Breaks
Beach breaks or sand bottom waves are those, as the name says, that break in the sand. As the sand moves over time, there are variations in size, speed, height and where they break (more or less close to the shore). The size of the wave and the format will always depend on the tide, weather and wind condition at the beach. But they are the most common surfed waves and have enough room for wall manouvers and aerials.


ii. Reef Breaks
Reef breaks or coral bottom waves are those whose bottom is composed of reefs and corals. As the characteristics of these waves are more stable compared to holidays on the beach, the bottom that does not change so easily, but is still a little unpredictable. In addition, they are extremely dangerous in the event of falls. They are not recommended for beginner surfers. When the reef is shallow, commonly tube waves are formed, ideal for experienced surfers. Be carefoul, a wipeout on these kind of waves can hurt you alot.


iii. Point Breaks
Point breaks or rock bottom waves are those formed on a stone bottom. They do not have many variations in their characteristics, because the bottom where they are formed is stable. They are also not suitable for beginners, as the bottom stones can be dangerous in case of falls. These waves are not recommended for new surfers.



i. Normal gear
Since there is not extreme weather or heavy conditions, the normal gear is recommended for those ordinary days at beache breaks and reef breaks that are not with high pumping waves. Be careful, these gears offer no protection against rocks, reefs and cold.



ii. Cold gear/wetsuit

The cold gear is recommended for cold water surfing up north or when it is extremely cold outside



iii. Bigwave gear
The bigwave gear is used for surfing big waves and offer a big protection during wipeouts since the surfer may stay under water for a long time.




i. GUN (7-12 feet)

Guns have a thin, needle-nosed template, similar in shape to a shortboard but much larger. The increased length makes it easy to paddle into larger, faster waves.


ii. LONGBOARD (9-2 feet)

Longboards are characterized by their rounded nose and long length, and they typically sport a single fin. They are wide throughout, with a slight taper at the tail.


iii. HYBRID/ FUNBOARD (7-9 feet)

Funboards, or "mini-mals," are smaller versions of the classic longboard shape. Due to the funboard's reduced size, surfers have better mobility in the water, though they will sacrifice in stability and paddling ease. Funboards either have a single fin (like most longboards) or three fins (thruster style).


iv. SHORTBOARD (5.5-7 feet)

Shortboards are characterized by a slender pointy nose and generally smaller dimensions. These boards allow surfers excellent mobility for tricks and sharp cuts, but they are small, so they're harder to stabilize. Usually, shortboards have 3 or 5 fins (thruster or Bonzer style), and are ridden by more experienced surfers.


v. EGG (6-8.5 feet)

Eggs look like stubby, rounded, hybrid longboards. Common in smaller surf, these boards about having fun, not so much about performance and tricks. Eggs are a good choice for beginning surfers, because their width makes them pretty stable (read: easier to stand up!) and they work great on small waves.


vi. FISH (under 7 feet)

A fish, as described here, is a short, stumpy board for riding small waves. The board's name can be confusing, because "fish" also refers to a swallow tail shape that is found on other types of boards. Fish boards usually also have the swallow tail, and are often twin-finned for getting crazy on the small days.


vii. TOW-IN (5-6 feet)

These boards are used only by the best in big-wave surfing. Tow-in boards are small and have foot straps, allowing a surfer to be dragged into a swelling wave at high speeds by a jet-ski. These are specialized, performance boards that make large, fast waves surfable.




Therei isn't a rule about how you should prepare yourself before going for a surfing session, but the most common thing is to renew the wax on your surfboard to make sure your feet is attahced to the board during the sessions, a little bit of warmup before entering the sea. Most surfers first take a look at the weather and how the waves are forming before choosing a position to paddle towards the outside.


In most of the beaches, the waves are formed on the outside and you need to get there paddling or with a seashark/boat to get the best waves.
Experienced and daily surfers doesn't have any trouble on paddling towards the outside in normal conditions but in heavy conditions it can also offer a challenge and put your life in danger. If you are roleplaying a new surfer or the weather is very heavy with rain and such, use /roll 0 100 to check your chance of success on paddling towards the outside, use common sense and if you get a high percentage, roleplay the way you managed to get to the outside. Remember, it is all about the roleplay, not about winning everytime.


Tow-in surfing is mostly used on big waves but it is a useful and fun activity to do with a friend, you need two people, a seashark and a surfboard. The driver of the seashark needs to reach a certain speed while in front of the forming wave and the surfer needs to have his feet on position to ride the wave, when the surfer reach the desired speed, he relaeases the rope attached to the seashark and ride the wave. It's a easy way to get in the outside and catch good waves without paddling.



1st. Paddle towards the wave: When you see a wave worth to be surfed forming, you gotta paddle towards it as fast as you can. ((Depending on the conditions, roll the dice to check if you managed to reach the wave. ))

2nd. Turn your board towards the direction you want to drop (Left o right).


3rd. Drop the wave, you need to describe on your /me if you are peforming a late or early drop. Late drops carry more speed and are better to perform aerial and wave manouvers, early drops carry less speed and mostly are used when the wave is too big. ((roll a dice from 0 to 10 to check if you managed to drop or not - use common sense and realism ))


4th. If you are an experienced surfer, you will attempt to perform manouvers on the wave, make sure to roleplay it properly and roll a dice to check if it was a good, bad or a failed manouver. Most of the time when you fail a manouver you will fall from the wave, use common sense.


5th. Exiting the wave. Roll a dice to check if you managed to exit the wave and will be able to paddle back to the outside, use common sense and realism.


Bottom Turn
The bottom turn is THE most important out of all the surfing tricks and maneuvers in surfing. It is the foundation of surfing because it is the first turn you do on a wave after dropping in. It is also a setup turn to achieve a bigger turn off the lip. It allows you to channel all of your speed and momentum towards the open face you are riding. It is where it all begins, and is the bottom line.


The cutback is a key maneuver in surfing. It allows you to decrease your speed with a great purpose. The maneuver takes the surfer back from the shoulder of the wave to the speed zone in the whitewater, gaining more speed.


A carve allows you to change your line and direction in the open sections of the wave. When carving, you put all of your weight on the rails, making the rails sink, then you draw an arc and stay in the curl of the wave.


The snap, also called slash in some areas, is a radical change of direction in the pocket or even at the top of the wave. When performed perfectly, it produces flashy, spectacular, amazing buckets of spray behind and up the wave.


The floater is one of the classic surf maneuvers that looks so pretty and is spectacular to watch when performed well. It involves gliding horizontally to the wave over the lip or foamy section that is about to break. Instead of going around the crumbling area of the wave, the surfer goes on top of the wave using all the speed possible. This maneuver shows that you have control of your surfboard in competition.


Nose Riding
This is the ultimate longboard surf trick which entails the surfer walking all the way to the nose of the surfboard and standing there while riding the wave. There are other names for it such as hang five (which is with only one foot), and hang ten.


Tube Riding
This is the ultimate move out of the surfing tricks and maneuvers that has been around for years. It requires a lot of effort and timing to get barreled. This is described as the best surfing experience and feeling by all surfers; it is the ultimate goal when surfing. It involves the surfer to ride the hollow part of the wave, between the white water breaking and the face of the wave; automatically being fully covered by the curling lip. Perfect barrels are very rare and hard to find, the most popular surf spot for barrels is Pipeline, Hawaii. Other names for tube riding are barreled, pitted, and tubed.


An air in surfing is a maneuver completed when the surfers gains a lot of speed, finds the ramp (usually when the wave is breaking), launches off the top of the wave with surfboard on feet, and then lands on the face of the wave or in front of the wave in what we call the flats. This maneuver is also referred to as air 360, air reverse, backflip, 540, or 720 depending on which variation is completed.


(These are just the most famous manouvers, check the internet for more content).


i. Vespucci Beach

Beach break with small to medium waves, very crowded and useful for new surfers.


ii. Del Perro Beach

Just across Santa Maria Pier, medium sized tubular waves with a reef break - be careful.


iii. Palomino Beach

Beach break with medium sized waves, very good for aerial manouvers.


iv. Prision Beach



Deep reef break with big waves coming from outside, be careful the outside is too far away from the beach.


v. Paleto Cove Beach


Dangerous deep reef break with huge waves. Be careful, don't surf here alone. Beach is known for shark attacks and big rocks that come ouf of the water in low tides.


Since this is a pure roleplay activity, avoid powergaming. If you are willing to roleplay an experienced surfer, go for a deep research on the content but be advised that even the professionals makes mistakes sometimes. Enjoy the beach, respect the sea and have fun.

Edited by joaoivis
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ashlyii    114
Posted (edited)

Totally digging this!

It was surf RP that made me want to push a Lifeguard division within LSFD - it can be a blast with a few friends!


I actually downloaded a Seashark replacement mod that mimics riding a surfboard in single player. If it was possible to adjust the vehicle speed and remove sounds it would be perfect!



Check it!:




Edited by ashlyii

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joaoivis    11
36 minutes ago, ashlyii said:

Totally digging this!

It was surf RP that made me want to push a Lifeguard division within LSFD - it can be a blast with a few friends!


I actually downloaded a Seashark replacement mod that mimics riding a surfboard in single player. If it was possible to adjust the vehicle speed and remove sounds it would be perfect!



Check it!:




Yeah. I've been roleplaying it alone for a good amonut of time on a side char. It's fun to kill time and would be great with a larger crowd. I might introduce some kind of surfing class with this char soon to make sure people get attracted to it IG. I used that surfboard mod on menyoo too but I think the movements are kinda weird. I'd only like to have the opportunity to attach a surfboard prop to my ped and my car just to carry the board towards the beach since until now it is all done in /me's. It's not a visual roleplay but it is fun if you bring some friends.

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shiroq    143
Posted (edited)

Very nice guide, hopefully people pick up on this and there is more people rping actual hobbies.

Edited by shiroq

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medo978    8

Good guide.


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r0yal    59

very unique, good stuff man

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Dios    14

Imagine surf competitions in Los Santos. Whoa.

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Yoak    86

nice read, hoping people get behind this

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