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alver    6
On 4/3/2020 at 5:45 PM, bidi bidi bom bom said:



Las Dos Letras aims to portray a fictional W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang which is heavily based on the various Mara Salvatrucha cliques that operate in and around the Koreatown area of Los Angeles. We're aiming to portray a realistic spin-off of the W/S Mara Salvatrucha gang whilst also portraying a low-income run-down community based around it to increase the immersion. This doesn't restrict your character from being flashy once they've got means to back up the ends to justify it. We highly recommend people who're looking to join us to start off between 14-17 years old to allow for more room to develop your character and allow for countless opportunities to influence them into doing certain things, we're not going to completely restrict you and your character but we want to keep realism as a primary factor within the faction while also ensuring all members have fun.


In case you're wondering why we've decided to go with Las Dos Letras and not a clique name such as Palomino Tiny Winos; Mara Salvatrucha 13 for the thread name, is because we're portraying Mara Salvatrucha as a whole. We're planning to expand the faction into countless cliques as our member base grows over time, whilst roleplaying a spin-off of the Los Angeles MS-13 program. IC wise, the Mara Salvatrucha is split into two factions (called cars within the gang), the Salvadoran (Tax Free) Faction & the Los Santos (American) Faction.


When joining this faction whilst accepting character kill permission you also agree to accept gore permission. This mainly ties in with the character kill permission stuff, but may happen if ordered so in-character. This is not to be confused with disgusting roleplay permission as that also includes rape, cannibalism, etc... this is merely you accepting the fact that your character may or may not be tortured or brutally murdered if the scene arises. 


Palomino Locos will be our portrayal/spin-off of the notorious Normandie Locos clique and Calais Lil Cycos will be our portrayal/spin-off of the Coronado Lil Cycos clique from MS-13 based in Los Angeles. For any more questions or inquiries contact @El Ghetto Man or @bidi bidi bom bom.


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