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Staff Update - April 2020

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Keane    256



Hey everyone,

It has been quite a challenging month for everyone, and April will remain difficult for the entire world. We hope that we're bringing you all some enjoyment wherever you can be and we're all proud to be supporting you in these moments. Stay safe and same goes for your families 🙂


As you can see, it allowed the development team and myself to be quite active these past days. We've got major updates coming in the next days, and today's new customization options was just a beginning. The server stability is also drastically improving as I spent my entire month analyzing statistics and functions surrounding each crashes to find out the issues. This week in average was way more stable (apart from yesterday after my main changes 🙂 ) and it should keep improving, our goal is to reach an average of 24 hours uptime by the end of next week.


Congratulation to all the new members of the staff team, and to these who were promoted.





Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3
@Knoxville as Head of Illegal Faction Management

Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2

Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1


New Support Team Members


Reserve Support Team Members
The following applicants have been added to the reserved list or have been retained on the list for another month. These community members will be observed by the staff team for a maximum of two months to better determine their eligibility to join the staff team. Reserved members will be contacted by Staff Management with more information.




If you applied for the staff team and your name is not on this list, you have unfortunately been denied. You may contact  @KV for feedback and the denial reason. Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in June for the staff update in July 2020.

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Mecovy    173
Posted (edited)

ok boomer, well done guys


p.s, first heck yeah

Edited by Mecovy

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nateX    68

Congrats everyone, well deserved!

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Sebz    6
Posted (edited)

Big up Chey! Nice to see DamianC joining 🙂 

Edited by Nervous

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Batter Up    109
Posted (edited)

Y'all got me, cuh...

Edited by Batter Up

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