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Teleport Request - Aidan Kirkland

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Meklubba    76
Posted (edited)

Character name: Aidan Kirkland

UCP name: Ruebban

(Discord name?): 


Property ID  (/pinfo at the door): 5536


Location of property (address or screenshot of map):



1st floor, hallway at the bar. 


Screenshot of teleport entrance: X:2440.06, Y:4127.336, Z:38.77065, R.x:0, R.y:0, R.z:86.68785

Screenshot of teleport exit:  X:2471.558, Y:4110.671, Z:38.06467, R.x:0, R.y:0, R.z:246.8629




Teleport type (balcony, backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor



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Bombie    103


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