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Evidence Locker

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St3fan[NL]    152
Feature Showcase: Evidence Locker




The Law Enforcement Factions have been seizing items from criminals since the beginning of the server, though these items were always deleted out of the server and did no longer exist. To counter this issue we have developed an evidence locker. Law Enforcement Officers can bring the items to the evidence locker and store them appropriately by filling out the format. They then get a label number which their entry is labeled as for future references e.g. court cases or investigations.


Specific ranks within the Law Enforcement Agencies can also search through the entries from a specific locker and remove items from the locker, e.g. if someone filed a court case, won it and their weapon was seized upon arrest, this is a way to give it back to the person.




/evidencelocker (/el) - Brings up the User Interface and everything is controlled from there.




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