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Laced Up    9

KK Fresh Home


Kourtney Knox a/k/a KK, is a leading figure when it comes too Antonio's gang related life. Before he was put onto the set, Antonio naturally fell under Kourtney's wing as he become of age and more affiliated with the local gang. KK put Hitman on with his first pack, however never got the opportunity to jump him into the set due to being locked up on a gun charge. 





Trap To Go


With SCCC gang members being on high alert for opposition gangs, it has changed the way some of the members operate. Hitman is mostly seen driving in, out and through the territory by his homeboys. An active drug dealer with a large clientele due to having good customer service in his line of work. One of them being that he is able to deliver product to you. Hitman is currently accompanying KK with his drug dealer activities, helping him re-build his clientele. 


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