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Aza Vargas

RP Alone

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Aza Vargas    2


I spend several hours alone inside a business where nobody comes because of the time difference, so I just copypaste an emote and apparently that's wrong to some of the admins for reasons that I do not understand so I am here to ask:
Can someone explain to me while this is wrong when I am all alone inside a business so only I can read what is going on inside said business? And don't tell me it is abusing the system to earn money when there's already a hard cap on the number of times you can receive government pay which is not even the primary way you earn money in a business anyway?
Roleplay is a collaboration effort between multiple people to bring forth a narrative so why are you punishing the owner of the business because of actions that affect nobody since there is no roleplay going on at the moment?

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Mitch    201

im surprised you wasn't banned for abusing the job script, it's for active roleplayers, not just copy paste stuff, PM has ruled on this in the past with garages. 

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Brox    602
Posted (edited)

That isn't roleplay, that's abusing a script to get money, and is against the rules.  You are copy pasting the same thing over and over to trick the system into thinking you are actively rping. I think you probably know that, too.


This seems like more of a rant that you were punished than an actual question so I'm going to lock this.

Edited by Brox

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