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Game is crashing at 394/395 ??

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Know    2

Okay so i'm trying to load into the game for the first time, and all goes well. It is a pretty lengthy process as you have to download the 395 files needed.


What happens is, when I get to 394/395 the game instantly freezes. I've read somewhere that if you wait long enough it should resolve itself, but I don't get a chance to do that as my game crashes and takes me to the "GTA V has ended unexpectedly".


Has ANYONE got a solution for this? It's bugging me and I really want to just want to bite the bullet and fix this issue. I've tried re installing Rage MP but that's about it, anything else?


Thank you. 

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Know    2

I've now resolves the issue 🙂 


Thank you though.

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