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[SOLD] 1209 Melanoma Street

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Netsrac    139

[SOLD] 1209 Melanoma Street


Property: Flat

Address: 1209 Melanoma Street

Area: Vesspucci


Description: Located in the timeless district of Vespucci, Los Santos. This home will keep on giving to the owner who chooses to buy it.




Located walking distance from the beach, it gives the owner a unique opportunity to always be the best they can be.

The home comes with alley parking away from the street, so you are out of the way of damages from loose stone being “shot” at your vehicle while parked at the side of the road.


  • Alley parking

  • Walking distance to the beach

  • Nearby Bicycle rental and repair shop

  • Vibrant local neighbourhood


Details: Los Santos Realtors can be reached at [email protected] ((Forum PM))


STARTING PRICE: $80,000 (Subject to negotiation)

Market price: $70,000

BUYOUT PRICE: $100,000 






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