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Hope - Cults, Religion & the Father.

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ashlyii    82




This is the story of Hope Harrison (previously Sophia Harrison), a twenty-year old hippie, drug addict that found herself indoctrinated into a cult called The Saved - lead by the mysterious, charismatic leader - The Father, Rowley Fletcher.


Hope becomes one of the Father's most loyal and devout followers, willing to do anything to protect the cult as it prepares for The Reckoning - the second coming of Christ where the world will be rid of sinners and non-believers, and allow the chosen believers of the Father to prosper as they re-build New Columbia, starting with their camp - the Sanctuary.


This is her journey as she delves deeper into the cult, whose goal is to convert as many non-believers as they can to ensure the Father's vision of New Columbia is met.


A dark tale of cultism, religion and acid trips. 


(May have role-play that some may find offensive, sorry! But we're trying to achieve the vision of a dark, mysterious cult. 

All dark or slightly obscene situations have and will always be okay'd with the other party before any role-play takes place and nothing is ever forced on a person that wishes to role-play with us! 🙂)






















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ashlyii    82
11 minutes ago, pearl river mississippi said:

I smell Far Cry


We've combined a lot of inspirations, mainly focusing on Jonestown and Waco - but Far Cry is definitely a part of the mix. Jonestown is what I'd resemble us closer to as our alignments are very similar to what Jim Jones wanted to achieve. We're not actively hunting people down, more trying to build a community of people that /want/ to join and be 'saved'. While Hope deals with things to the extreme - other characters are more focused on the gentle, learned approach and preach the bible where as Hope is a paranoid schizophrenic that is constantly seeking approval from the Father and willing to do anything to silence the voices she hears. 


The lines of reality and what's in her head are very blurred. The plan is to push her further and further into a direction where she's not even sure if she exists x)


damn hippies

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