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Faction Management - Official factions & suppliers

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Dirk    0

Faction Management - November 2017



The server reaches new heights every day due to the continuous flow of updates by the developers, with that being said we as Faction Management think it is time for the next step.


Official factions


Official factions have an important role, not only are they the core of weapon and drug distribution as we have seen on previous servers, but they also provide new factions with an idea as to what standards faction management holds.

In the following weeks faction management will closely review the factions to eventually announce the first batch of official factions some time at the end of November.

For those factions who are interested in the official status, please have your leader fill out following format and have them send it to the head of illegal faction management.


[b]Faction name:[/b] 

[b]Link to the faction's thread:[/b]

[b]Faction type: (OC/Gang/MC/Other)[/b]

[b]List of faction leaders (link the forum names to the character names):[/b]

[b]List of faction insiders (link the forum names to the character names):[/b]

[b]Short background on your faction:[/b]

[b]Faction goals (OOC):[/b]

[b]What stands out about your faction:[/b]




Because there currently are no official factions we can rely on to fill the role as weapon and drug distributors we have appointed suppliers in the past. 

We have not given players a chance to apply for this role since release, but we have decided to allow players to apply for this position for a limited time once again. 

The supplier program is fairly simple, but there are a few rules and regulations as well as criteria we expect the selected players to uphold.


Note that if you currently are already a supplier you do not have to send a new application. 





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