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Staff Update - February 2020

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Keane    256



Hey everyone,


I'll start this one out by updating you on the projects the staff team started in January.

Towards the end of the month, Staff Management finished optimizing the staff report process. Rather than most reports taking three or four weeks to complete, we managed to handle the majority of staff reports within 10 days of them being submitted. With the increase in players, the workload on the admin team increased tremendously and in turn, this increased the amount of reports we got. If you have not received a response on one of your reports, feel free to bump the forum PM that you sent in so it can be addressed as soon as possible. 

Legal Faction Management recruited several capable admins who settled into their new roles in January. Legal FM is now proactively working on bringing the standards of legal factions up. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department and Los Santos Coroner Department have also launched and have been roleplaying in-game. If you wish to get involved in these factions, the LSSD is recruiting on lssd.gta.world and MikeTheMike can be contacted as the Coroner's faction handler for more information about how they are recruiting. 


Illegal Faction Management have also hired additional staff members over the past month. The fresh faces have made it so Illegal FM can proactively investigate RP quality issues within factions, rather than relying on reports alone. It has also allowed us to return to the faction application system to make sure all factions that are in-game have a realistic concept from day one.


The staff team as a whole have been contributing to the continuity discussions. Meetings are happening every two weeks to make sure work is constantly being done on the ongoing projects. We are busy setting the foundations up before we go in depth about continuity. More information on this will be released when final decisions have been made.

And finally, I'd like to ask you to join us in congratulating everyone who has been bumped up as part of this staff update. 





Admin Promotions

Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1

Support to Trial Administrator




New Support Team Members

Unfortunately none of this month's applicants were considered eligible to be brought into the Support Team following the staff team discussion. There are a few community members that applied that we would like to observe over the next two months so we have added them to the list of reserved applicants.

Reserve Support Team Members
The following applicants have been added to the reserved list. The staff team will be keeping an eye on them for the next two months to determine their eligibility. Each person on this list will be contacted with the areas they need to improve on so they have a chance at joining the staff team next month.



If you applied for the staff team and your name is not on this list, you have unfortunately been denied. You may contact  @KV for feedback and the denial reason. Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in April 2020. 


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Jax    203

My app is still not accepted, it's been a week. Anyone?

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