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[Counter Strike Airsoft]

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Radhwan    7



Counter Strike Airsoft is being introduced in the city of Los Santos as one of the most unique and adrenaline-pumping experiences in the entire country. We have one of the best designed internal airsoft fields in the country adapted with all details in mind. Our main and most common event will be a 5v5 Red vs Blue match where two teams are chosen and deployed on the field through different entrances. We have a wide range of classes and loadouts that you can choose, and you can actually receive an upgrade for those loadouts after you accumulate enough victories. We will be hosting other occasional events such as Battle Royale, Capture the Flag, Hostage Situation and more. We also have a competitive branch where you can start your own professional team that consists of a total of 5 members with your proper logo and team name and compete against enemy teams in order to claim the 1st place trophy.




The schedule will be all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. If you want to reserve for a private session with some of your friends, you will have to get in contact with Counter Strike Airsoft management and give them all the appropriate details as they will provide an application format for you to fill out. Special events will be held occasionally either bi-weekly or monthly. There will always be new and unique events held so be sure to not miss any of them.


The main gear for the RvB sessions will be provided upon entry to the loadout area and will consist of:

-Blue or Red shirt

-Blue or Red pants

-Blue or Red helmet

-Eye protection goggles

-Tactical Gloves

-Mounted communications earpiece

After you have worn all of your protection and team equipment, you will have to choose your class and weapon loadout. These are the availble classes and their proper loadouts:

-Infantry: Assault Rifle or Carbine Rifle, Pistol.

-Marksman: Marksman Rifle, Combat Pistol

-Tactical: Combat PDW, Vintage Pistol

-Support: Combat MG, SNS Pistol

-Breacher: Pump Shotgun, Pistol .50

A team can only have up to one Marksman on each session, the rest of the classes don't have any restrictions or limits.


The main event that will be usually availble for everyone is Red vs Blue, two teams made out of five players each will be deployed on the field in different areas where they plan their strategies before the match commences. The team may decide to have a tactical approach to defeating its opponent, or maybe go on full rampage without a plan and with just total chaos, this is the team members' choice, every person has his role and every person has his abilities.

Battle Royale is one of the special events that will happen either bi-weekly or monthly, as the name indicates, everyone goes in all alone, usually 15 people, and the last fighter standing wins a prize.

Sniper's Heaven is an event where only scoped sniper rifles will be used, this can come in the form of Player vs Everyone, Duos, or Squads of 4. The last person or team to survive gets to win a prize at the end.

Lazer games is a rare event where we bring in our Lazer guns section, we will give out appropriate gear to mimic a futuristic and dark environment and add the ambiance to the arena.

Capture the flag is another event that involves Red vs Blue teams with the same numbers, but this time there will be a central point where players of each team have to capture it for as much time as possible, to win this you have to have control over the flag area(which will have a circle to indicate where its limits are) until the time limit has passed.

We will have much more events than the last ones that were indicated to keep the taste for action on your tongue at all times without the games being too repetitive.


Counter Strike Airsoft is happy to announce that a competitive league will be put in order for several teams to play against each other and qualify for the finals and win the ultimate prize that will be set. In order to join the competitive league, you have to send us a formal email with the form below filled out with all the information, do note that your team will need its own Logo(which has to not exceed a 1:1 width to height ratio) and code names for the team members. Your team may have its own custom gear, as in you can choose your own team's color and clothes as long as all members of the team have matching clothes in order to not create confusion.


Application Formula:


Title: [Comp] "Team Name"

Team name:

Team members (5 members is maximum and minimum):

  • Member1
  • Member2
  • Member3
  • Member4
  • Member5

Team logo: 


Team gear: 













Rules and terms of service: 

The team in which the name is indicated in the beginning of this format will legally be under the brand of Counter Strike Airsoft but not under the ownership of the latter, but the members. This team will vow not to cheat under any circumstances during the competitive matches, and breach of this rule will result in an automatic elimination from the current competition and in some circumstances a complete shut down or ban of the team from any further practices. The team will always follow the basic code of ethics and sportsmanship throughout the competitions. The team may not falsely advertise Counter Strike Airsoft or release any official statement in purposes of harming the Counter Strike Airsoft, any complaints what so ever at to be made to the official staff team and management.

Signature of all the members:

Name1 - Signature

Name2 - Signature

Name3 - Signature

Name4 - Signature

Name5 - Signature


((Forum PM @Radhwan))

Edited by Radhwan
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Radhwan    7

Our newest addition to the Counter Strike Airsoft Competitive League


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Jak    40
16 minutes ago, Radhwan said:

Our newest addition to the Counter Strike Airsoft Competitive League



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