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[YouWatch] Violent arrest of black man standing on side walk!!

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Netsrac    131

** The following is meant as entirely IC content, I am not trying to offend anyone OOCly **


((Been informed the scene was voided, so just take it as scenario that happened in the city between npc's)) 




** The video would be circulating on YouWatch mostly amongst teens attending schools in South Central Los Santos, having been posted on the YouWatch account called "DANY" **

** The video shows the arrest of a afro-american teen, who from the camaraman's perspective appears to being arrested just for having been standing around on the sidewalk. **



Video transcript - Text transcript of the events in the video.



[ The scene infront of the camara, shows one female officer standing near a wounded afro-american teen, that looks arond seven teen. Another male officer is standing closer to the person filming.  ]


[ The afro-american male expectantly awaits further protocol. He grows impatient quickly, no appotence to stick around, bleeding from his face. ]


Afro-american male: What?


[ The afro-american male stains his white t-shirt with blood, wiping his face ]


Female cop: Alright, turn around and face that wall behind you for me.


[ The male cop talks on his radio ]


 Male cop: 2T10, code 6.


Afro-american male: Nigga, what the fuck? I've done no--.. Alright.
Female cop: I'm approaching.


Male cop: You two keep back for me alright?
Hispanic teenager #2: We are back.
Hispanic teenager #1: Whatever, dog.


[ The afro-american male faces the fence, scoffing. He stares down his sneakers. ]

[ The female cop reaches out for Afro-american male's hands after holstering her pistol back to its place, she'd guide them behind his body and slap a cuff on his wrists swiftly. ]


Male cop: Never said you wasn't. I was telling you to make sure to stay back.


[ Hispanic teenager #1 calls out to Hispanic teenager #2 off screen ]

Hispanic teenager #1: Dude, they straight fuckin that tinto.


[ The afro-american male's hands are impacted by wounds and rifts. He got a bleeding eyebrow. ]


Hispanic teenager #2: Word.


[ The male officer slots his firearm into its holster, as he relaxes his posture slightly, before resting his hands on his belt. ]


Afro-american male: So what the fuck did I do then?


[ Hispanic male #1 shouts ]


Hispanic teenager #1: You're black, homey!

Male cop: Keep your comments to yourself please, you're not helping the situation.

Hispanic teenager #1: Whatever, dude. I aint even near you.


[ The phone moves around alot ]


Male cop: Never even said you was. I asked you to stop shouting out, just keep your comments to yourself is what I asked.

Hispanic teenager #2: Bruh, just shut the fuck up already.


[ The male cop speaks into his radio ]


Male cop says: Booker, we can move our cars out the road.





COMMENT: "This is a test comment"

Edited by Netsrac
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MoCityDon    165

Username: CandyPaintBlowingDank

Comment: Damn what’s new LSPD been steady abusing they authority. That many cops for one kid? He ain’t even do nothing wrong, it’d be a whole different outcome if these pussies ain’t have their guns, take them away and see how tough they feel. All the dude cops some straight dick in the booty ass faggots tryna be on some male model shit 😂#FuckLSPD #JusticeForSouthLS #PowerHungryRetards

Edited by MoCityDon

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Benny Black    275

Username: ChinoPBS

Comment: BRUH, WTF!? fuck twelve. racist ass mfers. SMH


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Dynamite!    14


Comment: Fuck these bitch ass cops, on God. Niggas always had it out for us 

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DLimit    104

Username: Rebel-Lion360
Comment: Yo, what's the name of the brother? I want to interview him for my newspaper, called "The Black Voice". Holla at me at [email protected] (Forum Name).

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Netsrac    131

Username: Dany

Comment: Man the cops gotta roll deep whenever they go to south ce trak, cus they are shook. 

Edited by Netsrac

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