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Los Santos Sheriff Department & County jail release

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Nervous    1871





The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department


We are excited to announce the fact that the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department will be starting operations on Sunday the 19th of January. The introduction of this faction brings many exciting opportunities to both criminal and county roleplayers alike.


While the Sheriff's Department will be a law enforcement agency that aims to provide law enforcement roleplay in the county outside Los Santos itself, it also operates the brand new Twin Towers County Jail. The new County Jail allows for a total revamp of the criminal justice system on the server. Criminal roleplayers will now be able to spend their sentences in an environment that encourages roleplay, both between inmates and with Sheriff's Deputies.


Aside from your basic cell block there will be opportunities to roleplay around the jail in environments like the yard and mess hall, there will be plenty of ways to spend your time and even work around the county jail. Not all inmate roleplay has to be restricted to the jail though, seeing we are excited to be hosting work parties around the state of San Andreas. Furthermore, the opportunity to be released early on Parole also exists.


Although the County Jail may be a bit bare bones at first, we plan to introduce plenty of exciting new features to make the jail environment even better as we go on. The Sheriff's Department aims to bring the best possible jail roleplay environment to the criminal roleplayers of GTA World and it hopes to succeed in doing so. We hope you enjoy the County Jail! We also invite all future prison faction leaders to contact illegal FM to get your specific needs set up!


The LSSD team

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lambchops    38

Exciting! We're very glad to be this close to launch.

Edited by lambchops

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Hyena    2

This looks promising


Can't wait!

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jop    39

wonder who took the screens 💪


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SULLI    51

Such good work on this, well done all involved. Been waiting so long and it's finally here! 😄

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