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Rockstar Social Club starts in offline mode

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JayCkruz    0

I been playing with no problems for a couple days and then last night out of nowhere whenever I start the game and the rockstar logo starts loading, it says "offline mode" ontop, before it starts the game and then I'm basically stuck in loading screen forever with the pictures still changing like the game is loading but nothing ever happens.I tried verifying the game files on steam, uninstalled social club etc.  but nothing works and I am still unable to play because of that.I never modded anything or did anything that could possibly cause it, so I'm clueless how it happened.The same exact day I was playing just fine and then few hours later I had this.If anyone could come up with a solution I'd really appriciate it.

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zUgg zUgg    338

i'll try and give you a hand here. Couple things if you could;

  1. Can you launch GTA 5 Via the Rockstar launcher and load into the single player game without an issue? Does the same work for the regular GTA:O mode?
  2. Have you cleared your local Data folder for Rockstar? This can be done simply by renaming or deleting the following directory. NOTE THIS WILL CLEAR ANY OF YOUR ROCKSTAR GAME SAVES.C:\Users\yournamehere\Documents\Rockstar Games\
  3. Can you connect to a different server from the Rage MP Client? Try connecting to anything without a password and see if you are successful.
Edited by zUgg zUgg

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I've actually spoken with the Rockstar Games Support, and my Brother who's rather into the topic of Servicing and IT-Technician Regions. And the following fixed my game:

  1. Open GTA V Library - Set the following to Administrative Permission Launch / Elevated Privileges = GTAV, GTAV Launcher.
  2. Edit Commandline.txt and (If you've got STEAM VERSION do the same on your Launch Parameters at GTAV>STEAM) = Add the following "-scOnlineOnly".
  3. Clear your Rockstar Games Library Cache/Dump at Documents/Rockstar Games.
  4. Go to your local host of your web-browser, and usually, it's because your LAN PACKET COLLISION is excessive over 10<¬ - I found mine to being 500421.
  5. Flush your Internet Socket, usually by removing the DNS Cable at the back of your router or server.
  6. Permit a reasonable restart on your Router following then. It should reset your Inbound and Outbound.

(All of this usually takes 10 minutes to complete, and to everyone I've suggested this to. It works like a charm.) 

Edited by SpaghettiMayne

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