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Youngstown Pete

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kilerbite    197

Screens look sick, keep them coming. Loved the font style, reminds me of SAMP!

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Slipky    46
8 hours ago, kilerbite said:

Screens look sick, keep them coming. Loved the font style, reminds me of SAMP!

Much appreciated. Thanks!

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Slipky    46
On 4.11.2017 at 11:07 AM, Peter_Romagnoli said:



Peter Joseph Romagnoli is native to Brier Hill, once called Youngstown's Little Italy. He was born there on May 17, 1983. His father, Joseph Romagnoli, had a restaurant in Youngstown, frequented by many associates of the Cleveland Crime Family, including mob captain John Calandra. Peter grown up in an environment that exposed him to mobsters setting foot in the restaurant on an almost daily basis, having meals with his father, and discussing business. When Peter became older, around the age of twelve, his father was sent to Elkton, a federal prison, for twelve years after his conviction for activities falling under the RICO act. He passed away in prison, six months later. Joseph Romagnoli, a soldier in John Calandra's crew, managed to keep this secret away from Peter. It was only at his funeral when Peter found out about this.


Five years later, and Romagnoli began building his own reputation as a car thief alongside his longtime friend Brian Pinamonti. Romagnoli and Pinamonti had an extensive ring of car theft going all over Youngstown. This was done in collaboration with numerous soldiers from John Calandra's crew, who remembered Peter's father and were willing to help his son make a dollar. The car theft ring got busted in August 2017 after Pinamonti was arrested while preparing a batch of cars to be exported. He was arrested by a Cleveland Police Department detective pretending to buy the batch of cars while undercover. Romagnoli didn't wait long and escaped Youngstown to Los Santos, San Andreas with his girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Alice Barbieri.


It wasn't long before Romagnoli involved himself with organized crime again. He rubbed shoulders with Lazzaro Corvotti, a reputed captain in the Luppino Crime Family from Omaha and was eventually brought into the ranks of the family as an associate weeks after alongside Joseph Carbone, during the Mirror Park – Omaha feud. Once disliked by his captain, Romagnoli became one of Corvotti's most trusted men as time went on, and got as far as handling the weekly tributes for him. Romagnoli built a little empire down in Los Santos, and got the family involved in the real estate and construction scene of Los Santos, earning the family a hefty amount every week. He also had a no-show job as a Marketing Manager to the now deceased Weazel News Corporation. He brought Joseph Carbone into the fold as well, and landed him a no-show job as well.


Around this time, Romagnoli's star shined in the Los Santos Cosa Nostra scene. He was one of the family's best earners, he was loyal, and he was around frequently, operating in many fronts. Peter Romagnoli was eventually accepted into the ranks of the Luppino Crime Family as a soldier, after deeming himself worthy, again - together with Joseph Carbone. He kept utilizing numerous schemes, and remained involved in construction via his associate, Thomas Sparacello. It wasn't an easy time for Corvotti's crew as he was hardly seen around. It was Peter who stood up to the challenge and took the collection of tributes upon himself when he could do it. Corvotti eventually took a retirement spell, and apparently named Romagnoli as his successor. Romagnoli took over Lazzaro Corvotti's crew with support from the other soldier in the family, Joseph Carbone. Now, Romagnoli rose as high as he could. He runs the only operative crew for the family in Los Santos, while grooming the likes of Thomas Sparacello, Francis Marchetti and Randall Sapienti.


Character story posted in the main post.

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