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E/S Bounty Hunter Bloods

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Roller    43

The Bloods were originally formed in the city of Los Santos during the 1970's to protect neighborhoods from rival gangs and anti-civil rights protests. After the introduction of crack-cocaine in the 1980's the Bloods along with other gangs became central drug shops and middlemen for large-quantity suppliers. Bounty Hunters is one of the earliest blood sets of the Bloods gang.

The East Side Bounty Hunter Bloods, formerly known as the Green Jackets, started around 1970/1971 and were firmly established by 1972 in Davis district of Los Santos, San Andreas. The Bounty Hunters have been gaining more affiliates and have gained territory around Grove Street. The set shows dominance in the neighborhood which they operate in. Significant growth in membership is noticed by the residents of Davis teenagers who are being influenced to come to pledge their fealty to the gang. Bounty Hunter Bloods are known for their criminal activities such as murders, assaults, drug trafficking, smuggling and robberies.



Here at E/S Bounty Hunter Bloods we tend to bring a realistic atmosphere of gang roleplay to the area we roleplay in. As a faction we will not condone rule breakers, or anyone skipping development and trying to force their way to make a character that just isn't realistic. The faction is heavily based around character development and the lives of our members that live in a gang infested area that at any time they could be dead or in jail. There is a screenshot permission required to post on this thread that can be gained through our discord server. Our area of roleplay is located in Grove Street and surroundings. Any questions or concerns about the said faction or players in the faction can be sent to either Roller and or Topiyo.

If you are aiming to roleplay your way into the faction, PM your CK permissions to myself (Roller) entitled FIRSTNAME LASTNAME - CHARACTER KILL AGREEMENT in the following format:

I, Firstname_Lastname (Forum Name) accept that the leadership of E/S Bounty Hunter Bloods can character kill me at any given time for in character events.


Credits: Roller, $$$neak

Edited by Roller
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Modesty    232

No luck needed Topiyo and Roller doing their thing as usual.

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