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A warning about non unique password

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Nervous    2336

As you all know, our main competitor on SAMP is currently facing a major DDoS attack. I've heard lot of things about it lately and decided to do my own digging.

I've uncovered some very concerning information, and I can confirm that despite all the work they might put to bring it back online, it will most likely need the attacker to get bored of it for it to be back up.

Others internal news I was shared confirm my worries of the impact that a long time DDoS attack might have on them and their decisions.


Based on these facts that I unfortunately cannot share so we don't put anyone information at risk, I advise as I always said to make sure that your passwords are unique for each website. Do not re-use a password you had on these servers here or anywhere else, and always assume that every website you will register on might get hacked. Especially when the website or server is very old, it is likely that the encryption used for your password was very weak at the time.


To summarize : make sure you use unique passwords. We'll also deploy 2FA on UCP as soon as possible to add another layer of protection for your accounts in case you didn't want to change your password for a reason I'll never understand.

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Nervous    2336

You can now enable two factors authentication on your UCP settings! It's also being developed for ingame.

Edited by Nervous
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