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[Kaizen] Auditing and The Kaizen Principle

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akari    38


Auditing and The Kaizen Principle


Akari, Auditor

Kaizen Corporation


I’ve been living in Los Santos for a decade now, and in that time I’ve owned my own nightclub and restaurant, as well as assisted with many, many other venues. Given the experience I’ve had, I have a tendency to get incredibly critical of any place I tend to visit.


I don’t necessarily see criticism as a bad thing to have, though. Criticism is meant to be constructive. If taken properly, it can help tons of people reach further success with their business. Which is why I began performing auditor work under Kaizen!


Kaizen is named after the principle of the same name; A tradition heavily followed within Japanese business practice, with the end goal being continuous improvement under the whole production line to ensure overall quality. With the Kaizen Principle, one tends to focus on small improvements over a period of time, rather than trying to knock out everything at once - Not only does this provide less room for error, but it also makes the change less dramatic for employees and clientele.






As long as the Principle is followed closely and taken in stride, running a business comes with ease.


As an auditor, I tend to make rounds to venues around Los Santos and perform quality inspection reports. Things like pricing, interior design, and hospitality are taken into place - And if they agree, I absolutely love sitting down for chats with the owners and management!


I don’t charge anything for the work I do, and nobody is required to follow any suggestions I make, as most of the time my audits come unprovoked. However, it’s important to remember everything I do is in the best interest of the business! My goal is to continuously improve the whole industry, not choke anyone out of it.


If you’d like to get in touch with me, whether it be over help with your startup or suggestions for an ongoing business, feel free to reach me on Facebrowser. My DMs are always open!


And most importantly, thank you for reading.


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