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Los Santos County Sheriff & Jail

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Nervous    1889

Feature Showcase - Los Santos County Sheriff & Jail


Showcase Overview


The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department faction, in conjunction with the DoJ, LSPD, Faction Management Team & Mapper Team are proud to announce a rejuvenation of the server's Criminal Justice dynamic with both criminals & Law Enforcement alike. The upcoming update brings forth a host of new changes regarding the Judicial System & Law Enforcement process. Criminal roleplayers within the server will now face physical penalties for their actions, as well as pre-trial detention depending on particular circumstances. Law Enforcement Officers will now have to in-process arrestees at the newly-mapped Los Santos County Jail, operated by the Sheriff's Department.



/releaseme - Exit the jail permanently after your time is up

/jailtime - Check how long remains before you can be free'd

/jrequest - Request a deputy if any is available, offline guards will be notified on Discord through an IC notification channel

/cellinfo - Prints information about the cell

/jevent - Report an event to the guards, for example : /jevent You would notice a body left in a blood pool in front of cell A001. Guards will receive the event on Discord to notify them OOCly about the event that they would discover ingame.

/onduty - Check how many guards are online

/jlockdown - Open / close all doors of the current interior you're inside (guards only)

/assigncell  - Change the cell of an inmate (guards only)

/release - Releases an inmate (guards only)

/checktime - Check how long an inmate is jailed for (guards only)


Jail time will decrease 3x faster if you actively roleplay (This current value is temporary and might be modified in the future)


How Arrest Works

Former System:

Arrest > Temporary Detention at Police Headquarters > Potential Court Case or Release


New System:

Investigation > Warrant > Arrest(starts with arrest if 'on-view') > Booking at County Jail > Detention > Bond Hearing > Due Process > Release or Sentencing/Conviction


Expected features of the jail


The Los Santos County Jail will provide an interesting roleplay dynamic for both Government & Criminal Roleplay. The circumstances of the jail allow for criminal gangs to manifest within the incarceration system, as sentenced inmates will be assigned to the jail to interact with pre-trial detainees. Features in development include:

  • Bond System - allowing inmates to place surety/collateral to bonding companies in exchange for release from the county jail, on grounds they may loose assets or finances if they do not show up for court. 
  • Commissary / 'Books' - this serves as a means of both sustenance and institutional currency for inmates within the county jail.  [In development]
  • Weapon features - inmates are able to fashion weapons from items they find or create, to include shanks.
  • Booking - inmates will have their arrest record & incarceration status on-file with server Law Enforcement entities.
  • Conviction / Sentencing - inmates facing sentences may be assigned to the county jail for long durations of time.
  • 'Prison Gangs' - long term inmates may be able to create gangs 'within the walls'.
  • Phone System - inmates will be able to place calls from the jail. [In development]
  • Other features to come.










Full album : https://imgur.com/a/zSH60EK


Additional Information

Judicial Faction

Los Santos County Sheriff's Department


Special thanks to the Mapping Team for the hours and hours of hard work that they have dedicated to this. Not only in building, but research, discussion and reworking when it became apparent mid-mapping that things were not going to work as the floor plans dictated. As a server we are lucky to have people who will selflessly give up their own time to provide interesting and immersive features, from the Mapping Team right up to the administration team, past and present, who have worked to make this project what it is. Looking forward to our next grouping of projects, and working to manage such an amazing group of people.

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