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Criminals & Police changes

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Nervous    3353

Many concerns were raised these past weeks regarding the lack of balance between the LSPD and criminals / gangs.

We've taken time to collect feedbacks and work on short term solutions to improve the balance between each side.


The following changes have been discussed and accepted by the LSPD :


  • A better usage of resources will be made : a simple traffic stop should not lead to a full K9 deployment or search of the vehicle in most of the times, and our observations ingame made us realize that it was happening way too often. PD has agreed to be more careful on resources used for each tasks and to monitor these issues.


  • A stricter policy will be enforced on metagaming : There is a thin line between IC and OOC abuses / metagame when it comes to this - as in some studied situations the officer searched the vehicle (had drugs, guns) and had no IC ground to do so, but was pushed by OOC evidence that he had collected (witnessed a /ame from a weird angle, drove by a strange situation and recognized nametags..) that he would find something and thus he needed to search it. ICly, he should be reported and punished and IA would most likely punish him for lack of evidence to search the vehicle, but the criminal is already in jailed and his assets seized, so it's too late to recover from the metagaming that happened even if it was dealt with ICly. If you believe that you're a victim of metagaming during a police situation, you may directly report them to Player Management.


  • Lack of fear from officers : All roleplayers are asked to fear for their life, and we witnessed many situations were officers did not : from being alone in a known unsafe gang area to shooting in the middle of the street without taking covers, dozens of situations were analyzed and it seems like one of the most important issue we found so far. In order to tackle this roleplay issue, everyone will now be able to send CK requests on all players after they killed someone (and not only before), with video / screenshots of a situation where the victim did fail to properly roleplay fear. If after a full review of our administration team we believe that the player did fail to roleplay any kind of fear / or failed to protect his life in a realistic way, we will approve the permanent CK of the character. This does not only force PD to roleplay fear accordingly but all players.


Two new short term changes are also coming to add more depth to the criminal roleplay, before we finish developing the corpse system and the new drug system :


  • Job application : We'll slowly deploy job applications, where you can apply to receive specific script commands based on your roleplay. The first job that will be going through this system is the weapon serial removal, and you will be able to apply today! We'll also be reopening suppliers applications at the same time, especially more drugs suppliers slots.


  • PF license wipe : We'll wipe all active PF licenses the 09/NOV, and add new OOC rules to it that will be replacing "background checks" that are performed in California but can't be done ICly. It was widely used by gangsters to buy guns through the script instead of using connections with suppliers / illegal weapon. The new OOC rule will prevent any affiliated gang members to apply for a PF license, and we will increase supply drops of suppliers to balance the PF license removal. CCW / guards won't need to reapply, and former PF owners will only be required to accept the new rule (and comply to it) to renew their PF.
Edited by Nervous
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Max3    150

thank god. let’s hope it works out

Edited by Max3

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Henning    476

Insanely positive changes.

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Jax    463


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Nervous    3353

Obviously this thread takes examples of PD situations but the same can be applied to many illegal roleplayers. The goal is not to blame PD for anything but to improve everyone's experience.

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Hal    119

Fantastic changes all around.

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I'm glad that things that were previously raised as concerns over several months have finally been implemented. Good stuff. ?

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