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[Saints News] Executive Insecurity and Disassociation

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Executive Insecurity & Disassociation

An in-depth investigative look at Los Santos' largest controversial employer in the nightlife sector.


By Emilia Russo

This article contains strong language, which may be distressing or inappropriate for some readers.


Executive Security and its brand partner Executive Association have gouged intersecting paths of controversy since their official inceptions in the Spring and Summer of 2019, respectively. Executive Security, led by Holly Ambrose, promises “renowned reliability, professionalism, and effectiveness” and they work with business owners on a routine basis to find the right pricing solution for them, ensuring nothing but the best service”.  Together their apparent mitigating policy of silence has endured them in the short term, however detractors have snowballed in the wake of the company's knotted string of incompetence.

Executive Association CEO John Monroe first attracted public ire around the 11th of September when he defended the company's decision to hire the disgraced Ruriko "DJ ONO" Onohara despite Onohara's publicized conviction for the murder of Aurora Siciliano on the 1st of June, 2019

At the time Monroe had the following to say:

"Yes, I did. I am well aware of the stuff Ono did and went through himself. When I found him he was lost from everything. He got released from prison and everyone spat him out. When I just started DJing myself he was like a legend to me. His public breakdown at Heat nightclub where he completely lost himself made me feel sad for the guy. He's a free man now and he did his time for the crimes he committed. In my opinion, everyone deserves a second chance."

Onohara later elaborated he was under pressure by organized crime groups in the city and was later found dead, with heavy implications of the Yakuza claiming responsibility. Shortly before Onohara's reported death on or before the 19th of September, Monroe made the choice to drop him from the Executive Association's roster as an entertainer:

"Executive Association has broken ties with Ruriko Onohara, also known as DJ ONO. This is due to pressure from the media, disputes within the brand, and outside sources questioning my staff who are in no way involved in the matter."

A concurrent incident occurred on the 12th of September where Executive found themselves in hot water once again when two of its security personnel were charged for offences including Second Degree Murder. Team Leader Daniel Jones and Senior Security Maria Castell had chased down a victim in what Executive terms a "rapid response" that went awry, resulting in the death of a civilian. Having possessed valid Guard Cards at the time, both members are believed to have violated a key regulation as stated in Section 2.3 of the official Guard Card Information when chasing the victim off the premises:

"May only carry their firearm whilst immediately operating in the capacity as a security guard and within their area of business (i.e. on private property) and shall not leave their area of business unless there is an immediate, nearby, active threat to life to which such a threat may be averted by the license holder's intervention. Exemption to this regulation allowing for the carrying of firearms to act as a security guard off of private property is found below."

Again Monroe was approached for comment, stating Executive Security was "not my company" despite existing under a homogeneous brand that directly serve each other. The incident drove Hayley Cross of Cross Munitions to terminate a joint contract with Executive, express her disappointment on behalf of Cross Munitions and "review options in regards to our sponsorship obligations with Executive Security".


Saints News then launched its own investigation into the internal machinations of both Executive Security and the Executive Association.


4th of October: Hooning

On the 4th of October an anonymous Executive insider agreed to meet us to divulge information depicting questionable antics of the company's various staff. They leaked a brief clip in which Julia Faulkner, a senior Executive employee, owner of Bahamas Mamas and romantic partner of Monroe is heard boasting of evading a police ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) camera.


(( A short audio recording is available. ))




Faulkner: Almost got pulled over.

Faulkner: Bitch couldn’t catch me in the ALPR camera.


In the following clip an unidentified female employee questions Faulkner over her boasts, which she reveals was one of her instances of "hooning" (a term with origins in Australia and New Zealand that means to commit reckless acts of driving such as drifting, burnouts and racing. Faulkner vehemently denied her actions in a later interview.


(( A short audio recording is available. ))





Unidentified female: You scared me.

Faulkner: How?

Unidentified female: I wasn’t expecting my radio to go off.

Faulkner: Haha, next time I’ll scream.

Unidentified female: Wait ain’t you the one who outran the pigs? Fucking heard you were so fast they couldn’t even fucking see you?

Faulkner: Weeeell… I don’t consent to that.

Unidentified female: Girl, I thought I heard you bragging about it.

Faulkner: But I do have my hooning sessions occasionally. Who knows, haha. 

Unidentified female: Hooning? Whatchu mean? Ain’t heard anyone use that before. 

Faulkner: Messing around, doing crazy stuff.

Unidentified female: Oh. And John’s alright with you doing shit like that? Or I mean, I assume you and John are a couple.

Faulkner: Yeah, he’s fine.

Unidentified male: It means doing crazy shit with cars and shit.


The conversation overheard was recorded on the Executive Association’s main communication channel, which both employees and unofficial associates are frequently heard speaking of social activities, organizing events or communication between staff at the time of venue openings. Despite the possibility of sensitive information being broadcast its frequency has been leaked to several people outside of the core Executive staff and allows unencrypted access to those with the details as of the 15th of October.


A second audio clip from the insider has 20 year old Executive bartender and waitress Ariana Davis expressing what sounds like discontent for a hard’s night work.


(( A short audio recording is available. ))




Ariana Davis: Girl in the white jacket is underage yet she still worked her ass off as a bartender here. Fuck you.



Being under the legal age of 21 with access to an entire bar, Davis is at risk of being charged with the following charge as made clear in the San Andreas Penal Code:






514. Minor Alcohol / Tobacco Violation (M)

Any person(s) under the age of 21 who is in possession of alcohol, alcohol-based products, or appears to be under the influence of alcohol, or any tobacco based products.


Davis is also unable to be legally given or consume alcohol on premises assigned by Executive staff as its staff would then be liable for:




513. Sale of Alcohol / Tobacco to a Minor (M)

Any person(s) who willfully and knowingly sells alcohol and/or tobacco to an individual under the age of 21. 


Additionally the insider claims that Executive staff are hired regardless of age and are actively encouraged to flaunt their employment to bypass Executive Security checks. They had also claimed that official Executive Security rules allow staff to consume alcohol up to 90 minutes prior to working an assigned venue. This alleged allowance does not specify an acceptable level of alcohol is contrary to section 2.3 of the official LSPD License to Purchase Firearm (PF) regulations:



  • “A PF License holder:

Must not use any medication or drug (including alcohol) that could alter their state of mind and/or impair judgement while in possession of a firearm.”


A standard drink of alcohol takes (on average) an hour to leave the body, therefore an Executive Security guard has the potential to be on duty, significantly impaired and under the influence beyond the legal driving limit. Claims were also made that businesses independent of the Executive brand suffer from EA undercutting their prices or fall victim to Executive staff infiltrating them, rising the ranks and contracting Executive staff once in a position of sufficient power. 


7th of October: Mount Haan

At 12:45 on the 7th of October Monroe, a bartender known only as Caroline and associate Jack Runner were overheard on their frequency organizing a meet at "The Fruitstand", a popular racer location at the intersection of Mount Haan Road and Baytree Canyon Road in Great Chaparral. Here they were observed in their sports cars trying to cover the 1.25 mile Mount Haan Road in the quickest time possible, endangering the lives of any drivers who may be passing by the Vinewood sign.


(( A long audio clip is available. ))



Caroline: I’m at Banham.


John Monroe: I am at Haan.


Jack Runner: I’m at Haan.


Caroline: Where the fuck is Haan? And why are you two fucking robots?


Jack Runner: It’s over there. Yes.


Caroline: You’re not heeere?


Jack Runner: I’m at the end.


John Monroe: Time me. Time me?


Jack Runner: Gotcha.


Caroline: Time me after.


Jack Runner: Ready?


John Monroe: Yeah.


Jack Runner: 3. 2. 1. Go!


Jack Runner: 50.24.


Caroline: I’m ready when you are.


Jack Runner: 3. 2. 1. Go!


Jack Runner: 1:01.37


Jack Runner: 50.12. Time me.


Caroline: 3.


Jack Monroe: Ready.


Caroline: 2. 1. GO. Fuck shit phone faile-c. 


Caroline: Go start, tell me when ready I’m ready now… oops. 


John Monroe: Ready.


Caroline: Alright, ready?


Caroline: 3. 2. 1. Go.


John Monroe: Fuck… spun. 


Caroline: 47.20


John Monroe: Ready.


Caroline. Yup...3...2...1...go.


Caroline: 49.20


John Monroe: Nice!


Jack Runner: Ready.


Caroline: Two seconds off of Jack.


Caroline: 3...2...1...go…


Jack Runner: Hold up, again.


Caroline: Okay. Ready?


Jack Runner: Ready.



John Monroe in his red Ubermacht Sentinel Classic while Jack Runner awaits his turn in his grey Enus Paragon on Mount Haan Road, open to the public on the 7th of October.

(Source: Saints News)


Monroe was later observed conversing with Caroline at the Marlowe Drive intersection of Mount Haan Road before switching vehicles. With Monroe in his black Declasse Vamos and Caroline in her grey Cheval Picador, they were recorded drifting and performing donuts at the open intersection. Monroe would deny his whereabouts at the time.



Monroe and Runner were both there to practice for the upcoming Mount Haan Hillclimb hosted by the Rush-in Automotive (RIA) Organization on the 10th of October. Not only is the RIA sponsored by the Executive Association but Monroe is a RIA member with his own dedicated racing team dubbed "Racing Team EA", shared with Jack Runner and Katsu Salvatore.



John Monroe tagged among the RIA team in a promotional photograph taken in September.

(Source: Facebrowser)



Katsu Salvatore's Facebrowser profile holds pictures that display him with his vehicles and performing daring manoeuvres including: 



Later in the evening at approximately 19:45 the main Executive channel was abuzz with conversation, of note was a conversation involving AURA Nightclub owner Ashley Hendricks discussing the hiring and pricing of guards with Executive Human Resources representative Matthew Walsh, Jack Runner, senior bartender Nicole Devereaux and other associates.


(( A long audio clip is available. ))



Ashley Hendricks: San Andreas.

Ashley Hendricks: You?

Jack Runner: Ashley, where are you?

Ashley Hendricks: Los Santos. You?

Matthew Walsh: Ha-ha. If you wanna be funny, sure.

Jack Runner: Haaaaaaaaan. God I hate this track's name.

Ashley Hendricks: I am driving at Pacific Bluffs.

Matthew Walsh: Who's doing security Sunday, ES?


Ashley Hendricks: Is that a question or a threat?

Matthew Walsh: Question, and a hint. Why would I threat you.

Ashley Hendricks: Him I'm not scared, Matthew.

Matthew Walsh: Threaten you. Wugh-[unintelligble].

Ashley Hendricks: ES is doing it. Yeah. If you do cheaper than Bloodhound. They charge me 2 grand per guard.

Jack Runner: Cheapo. Just kidding.

Unknown male: That's so fucking slave labor.

Jack Runner: Don't punch me.

Matthew Walsh: Two grand per guard.

Ashley Hendricks: It's a doggy dog world.

Jack Runner: You got a dog?

Ashley Hendricks: No...[sad tone].

Jack Runner: Me neither, I'd like one though. I might steal Rina and Dan's.

Matthew Walsh: What do we charge you for unarmed and armed.


Ashley Hendricks: Can't remember. I think it was 11 grand for 2 unarmed, 1 armed, 2 hours. 

Ashley Hendricks: Tell you what.

Matthew Walsh: At your grand opening my pay was six grand.

Jack Runner: Yo-yo, please do tell.

Ashley Hendricks: I hire you guys for the whole month, you make 20 percent discount.

Matthew Walsh: You know that our people are the best around, right.

Nicole Devereaux: Armed guards are 3,500 per hour. How does this work?

Matthew Walsh: And that the pay goes to the guard.

Ashley Hendricks: Does it require skill to check IDs?

Jack Runner: Think it's best to ask that to work that one out with Holly, not Matt. 

Mattew Walsh: The company isn't making any money on it.

Hayley Cross: Speak with John, not Holly.

Unknown male: Listen to Jack.

Jack Runner: Or that.

Unknown male: Yes.

Ashley Hendricks: I'll speak with big John. But yeah. I'll hire you guys for this one. Just cause you're a good guy Matt.

Ashley Hendricks: Regardless of the price.

Mattew Walsh: I think we charge about two and a half for unarmed, and three and a half for armed.

Jack Runner: Aww, Matt. She's hitting on you.

Nicole Devereaux: You do pay for quality with us.

Matthew Walsh: Shut up, Hack. You told her not to talk with me.

Ashley Hendricks: Jack's possessive.

Jack Runner: Bro. you ain't leading ES.


Later still a conversation after 8PM was recorded in which Raphael, a bartender, had to avoid travelling in his car due to illegal tint. Another member is heard assuring him "don't get caught". When asked by Monroe to change his tint, Raphael was unwilling to do so.


(( A short audio file is available. ))



Lia Friuli: Glaxy is open. Pay a visit if you want.

Raphael: No dance floor right/

Lia Fruli:  Just chilling.

Raphael: Running there, too many cops to use my car.

Unknown female: Just don't get caught.

Raphael: I always get caught.

John Monroe: What's up with your car?

Lia Fruli: Lost your license?

Raphael: Tint.

John Monroe: Just change it?

Raphael: I don't want to.


The same night Executive members were seen together at the gas station wedged between Banham Canyon Drive and North Rockford Drive, an area notorious for the illegal street racing that often takes place across the Canyon itself. The group hung around the station until they drove away sometime after 9PM.



AURA Nightclub owner Ashley Hendricks (female, center) beside her customized Dewbauche Massacro with John Monroe (left) and another associate at the gas station at 21:34.

(Source: Saints News)



Meanwhile Saints News had been speaking to a contact regarding a public post they had made earlier in the day. The conversation goes as follows:











8th of October: Underage drinking

Executive's comptency in enforcing its simple internal policy of "don't serve underage people" came into question when Saints News uncovered senior bartending staff serving Ariana Davis at The Garden.



Ariana Davis (circled) holding her first alcoholic drink, a rum and coke served to her by Lia Fruli (black shirt on far right).

(Source: Saints News)

(( OOC chat proof. ))



Ariana Davis served her second alcoholic drink of the night, a cocktail, by then-Head Bartender Nicole Devereaux. 

(Source: Saints News)

(( OOC chat proof.))


When questioned at our interview, John Monroe denied any knowledge of the incident and stuck to a belief Devereaux had refused Davis any alcoholic beverages.


10th of October: #GalaxyNightmare

On the very same day of the RIA Hillclimb event Executive Seucity saw itself come under fire for its staff handling of what victim Lexi Miller" dubbed #GalaxyNightmare. Covered by Saints News, the official report by Holly Ambrose was criticised for being a blatant, thinly veiled attempt to discredit the information Ryan Price had discovered from speaking to Miller. The various comments on the report blasted Ambrose's approach to addressing the issue. Others repeated the sentiment that Executive tends to focus its budget on mass advertising as opposed to focusing on hiring loyal, quality staff.


A Facebrowser user stated: "Saints News aren't angels but this 'report' is unnecessarily inflammatory for a supposedly professional security company. I question Miss Ambrose's ability to emotionally distance herself from her work to maintain a professional, objective place on matters pertaining to her company."


12th of October: 120 MPH Smoking Gun

Things continued to mount against Monroe's driving. A brief conversation was captured in which Monroe claimed he had been set free by the LSPD unit pulling him over with simply a warning, despite pushing past 120MPH (90MPH is the highest legal speed limit possible in the entire state), speeding offences 30MPH+ over the speed limit are automatically deemed as Reckless Driving. Monroe also denies this in our interview and claims his vehicle could not feasibly reach 120MPH, however he was revealed to be driving down the steep union of Baytree Canyon Road and Alta Street.




404. Speeding (I)
 Any person(s) at all times - on official state, county, or local roads of any scale - drivers must maintain a maximum speed of 90 MP/H on highways or any four lane or greater road, 75 MP/H on county roads outside of Los Santos, and 60 MP/H on roads within Los Santos. Drivers must use fair judgement when driving on roads with adjusted conditions (such as closed, unpaved, slick, and damaged roads).


Shall be liable under a Class C offense only, and a fine under the following criteria:


  1. $2,500 fine
  2. $5,000 fine
  3. $7,500 fine + Impounding of Vehicle + 3 Day Suspension of License


Note: Speeding over 30MPH+ shall be automatically classified as Reckless Driving. 

407. Reckless Driving (M)
Any person(s) who does not use care or caution while driving his or her vehicle with blatant disregard for the safety of others, safety of his or her self, or violation of expected vehicular conduct while on the road.




The recording and its transcript is available below.

(( A short audio clip is available. ))




Julia Faulkner: ...you might be good John, hopefully it's just a fine.

John Monroe: Warning!

Julia Faulkner: NO WAY.

Caroline: WOW.

Julia Faulkner: After that whole fucking chase?

Caroline: WHAT?!

John Monroe: Yes.

Julia Faulkner: I'm dead, so dead.

Ashley Hendricks: And we pay taxes for this.

Caroline: Can I harvest your corpse on [Conan] Exiles?

John Monroe: Blasted with 120 past them.



13th of October: Galileo

Once again on the evening of the 13th Monroe was spotted street racing with his associates. However this time he and his group had decided to tear up both sides of Galileo Avenue in a short circuit that took them around the Galileo Observatory, a popular landmark and tourist destination with the scenic Arthur's Pass Trails and Baytree Canyon View close by.



John Monroe seen behind the wheel mid-drift in the Galileo Observatory parking lot on the 13th of October.

(Source: Saints News)




Clip 1: 17:47 - Monroe's green haired accomplice speeds their purple hatchback down West Galileo Avenue.

Clip 2: 17:50 - The same accomplice is seen tearing up East Galileo Avenue, followed by Monroe in his Ubermacht Sentinel Classic.

Clip 3: 17:56 - A Sultan presumably driven by Jack Runner speeds up East, followed by Caroline in a Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic.

Clip 4: 18:01 - John Monroe drifts around the Galileo Observatory parking lot in his Sentinel.


14th of October: Nobody's perfect

For the second concurrent day Monroe was spotted up at Galileo Observatory racing against his accomplices. Saints News again captured the incident on camera where Monroe is seen with such associates as Jack Runner and Ashley Hendricks.



L-R: Ashley Hendricks, Caroline, unknown female, unknown female, Jack Runner, John Monroe.

(Source: Saints News)




Clip 1: 19:13  - Two-tone white & green Sentinel Classic speeds by, followed by Jack Runner's "SNOW" Elegy and Caroline's Rapid GT Classic with John Monroe's Sentinel attempting an overtake.


Clip 2: 19:14 - Two-tone Sentinel Classic and jack Runner's Elegy race by with Caroline and John Monroe in their vehicles following seconds behind. Two-tone Sentinel and Elegy pass by again, then Caroline leaves the area. Elegy and two-tone Sentinel seen racing by near end of clip.


Clip 3: 19:16 - Two-tone Sentinel passes, followed by John Monroe's red Sentinel. Runner's Elegy later passes followed by the two-tone Sentinel again.


14-15th of October: Saints Interview & Monroe's Threats

Saints News invited Monroe who chose to bring Faulkner with him for an interview at our offices. Here clarifications were made into the inner workings of Executive Association, its work with Executive Security and the illicit activities Monroe had been partaking in.


Shortly after leaving the Saints News premises Monroe consulted an unknown associate only known as "Scott" to gather up a crew to intimidate Saints News staff sometime before 2AM. A woman later identified as Evanglyn Blackwood is heard alluding to the purpose of investigate news media. The following audio clips are courtesy of an insider who tipped Saints News staff to the potential threat against their lives.


Clip 1: (( A short audio clip is available. ))

Clip 2: (( A second clip is also available. ))





Clip 1:

John Monroe: Saints News...

John Monroe: Don't shoot them but... They have been stalking me.

Evanglyn Blackwood: Could it be news companies are doing what they are meant to do, and investigate? Hmm.

Evanglyn Blackwood: Not to sound like a bitch or anything, of course.

"Scott":  If you really need, we can just scare the fuck out of them.


Clip 2:

John Monroe: I need a word with you Scott about a crew.



The full transcript of our 2-hour+ long interview confronting John Monroe and Julia Faulkner is below.



(( Due to the length the conversation was not documented with screenshots.))


[Interview begins at 22:15 on 14/10/2019]


Emilia Russo: Thanks again for joining us John and Julia. You both represent Executive Association, right?


John Monroe: Yes.


Emilia Russo: And what are your specific roles within the association?


John Monroe: I am the owner and CEO of Executive Association.


Emilia Russo: And you, Julia?


Julia Faulkner: [remains silent.]


John Monroe: Julia next to me is a manager within the company.


Emilia Russo: As you said when you walk in, Executive is split into two. Now many people believe them to be one whole entity. Can you elaborate what does Executive Association do, exactly?


John Monroe: EA short for Executive Association is a company who manages but mostly supply clubs with staff.


John Monroe: Bar staff and DJ's mostly. Oh!


John Monroe: And we can provide owners with a security deal with their liking. Currently we work together with Bloodhound and Executive Security.


John Monroe: If they want to.


Emilia Russo: Do you happen to know what Executive Security do that makes them different to you?


John Monroe: Completely different company. They do solely security. We do staff and management.


Emilia Russo: Does the Executive Association own any of the venues its supplies staff to?


John Monroe: We don't own anything apart for Bahama Mamas which Julia owns.


John Monroe: Other than that, we don't own any venues.


Emilia Russo: But are you close to the owners of other venues, such as AURA or The Garden nightclubs?


Julia Falkner: And our policies are different, not to be forgotten.


John Monroe: The Garden especially. We purely supply AURA with staff.


John Monroe: We don't have anything else to say in that matter. The owner only says what they need and when to supply them.


Emilia Russo: So you're close with Jaxon Evedane?


John Monroe: Yes. Well on a business level.


John Monroe: Not on a personal level.


Emilia Russo: It makes sense. Everybody assumes EA and ES are one and the same, and that you own these bars, lounges and clubs.


John Monroe: That is simply not true.


Emilia Russo: Naturally you'd know the owners from business. Ashley Hendricks, for example.


John Monroe: Yes I do.


Emilia Russo: Before I move on to ask more on Executive Association, I want to ask you something about that Galaxy report ES put out.


John Monroe: Go ahead.


Emilia Russo: Did you post on there under the alias of "Mohn Jonroe"?


John Monroe: Yes I did.


Emilia Russo: Good to clear that up.


John Monroe: Regarding to that drama though.


Emilia Russo: Go ahead.


John Monroe: We did change the security company after that.


Emilia Russo: We?


Julia Falkner: Our company.


John Monroe: Yes. The owner of Galaxy, Bango Banks.


John Monroe: He is currently unavailable to tend to his club so we have it in management for the time being.


Emilia Russo: How were things changed?


John Monroe: Considering the issue was there and the backlash it had on the media platforms. I contacted ES and told them that they are scrapped from Galaxy. Then I contacted Mia from Bloodhound to inform them that they can take the venue if wanted.


John Monroe: They agreed to do so and well Bloodhound is currently guarding Galaxy.


Emilia Russo: They were at AURA too with ES for the last two openings, right?


John Monroe: Yes.


Emilia Russo: Mind me asking how does your side of the Executive brand associate with Security and the independent Bloodhound?


John Monroe: Quite simple actually. They figured out that we aren't the same company as ES. Just because we carry the same brand doesn't make us the same company. Bloodhound came to me directly to meet and we did.


John Monroe: They asked if it was true which I told them it was. Then they asked me that when I know something opening up for them I'd let them know. I told them about AURA and approached them about Galaxy.


Emilia Russo: Then Bloodhound has to speak with Security themselves to collaborate on security for the night, such as AURA, or? Is that your job to connect them?


John Monroe: No. Bloodhound has the full rights to guard Galaxy. With Aura it wasn't my case as the owner Ashley hired them. I had no say in that. I just tipped them back then that a new nightclub was opening and that they could contact the owner.


Emilia Russo: Fair enough. It was in Holly's hands then.


John Monroe: Like I stated previously. I wasn't involved in the business negotiations of the security of Aura.


Emilia Russo: Glad that got cleared up.


Emilia Russo: Now uh, we realize you hire people under the age of 21 to work for you such as Rina "DJ aOi" and Ariana Davis.


Emilia Russo: Does either branch of Executive have a policy on alcohol, or share a common policy?


John Monroe: We share a policy that we don't serve people under twenty one alcohol.


John Monroe: But that would be common sense.


Emilia Russo: What measures do you have to prevent anyone under 21 from being served alcohol?


John Monroe: Standard ID checks. Assuring that... Well some club owners will let people in from the age of eighteen. Then we have a stamp system in place when the person is under twenty-one. Or the bartenders will be informed over the radio.


Emilia Russo: Stamps sound easy to wipe off, what are your bartenders told?


John Monroe: Exact descriptions of the person entering. Detailed about the clothes and appearance and any details needed.


Emilia Russo: And what about your underage staff?


John Monroe: We make sure they don't consume alcohol.


John Monroe: Well on the job or in our venues. What they do at home is something I can't control.


Emilia Russo: How about serving alcohol?


 John Monroe: They can serve the drinks which are needed for the customers.


Julia Falkner: I'd like to add that every employee we hire for our company is working with a legal contract.


Emilia Russo: How extensive is this contract in regards to employee and employer liability, non-disclosure and non-compete clauses to name a few terms?


John Monroe: We don't even have a non-compete clause in it. We do have a non-disclosure clause taken in for obvious reasons. The contracts don't have a term to give the freedom to the employee.


John Monroe: It states that they make a minimum wage at all times. To provide social security and preventing exploiting.


Emilia Russo: Job security is key! Sorry to bring it back so suddenly, but are staff members allowed to drink before or during their shifts?


John Monroe: No.


Emilia Russo: [chuckles]


John Monroe: The DJ's can have a drink.


John Monroe: When they have the legal age of course.


Emilia Russo: Of course.


John Monroe: They can have a drink one or two. Bar staff is not allowed to drink on the shift at all times.




Emilia Russo: That's all we have for the company itself. Being the biggest name out there means there's a lot of misinformation going around, glad we cleared it up.


Emilia Russo: The next few questions are more about you John, the man behind the association.


John Monroe: Sure thing.


Emilia Russo: I noticed you're a member of the Rush-in Automotive racing team, or has that changed recently?


John Monroe: Nope still a member and a sponsor.


Emilia Russo: We noticed the sponsorship, we planned to come down to cover the race in full.


John Monroe: I am not a member of their racing team though.


Emilia Russo: Things got in the way, that's just this line of work.


John Monroe: We have a racing team within their group. Racing Team EA.


Emilia Russo: And you're the leader!


John Monroe: I am the founder of the team yes.


Emilia Russo: Were they at the hillclimb, and more importantly, did you win in any classes?


John Monroe: No. We became third, fourth and fifth sadly. We plan to do better next round. We had three drivers active with myself included.


Emilia Russo: Three drivers already...what did you place with the others?


John Monroe: I placed fifth. Next round we plan to have a fourth driver in as well. Julia who is sitting next to me.


Emilia Russo: Really! Who placed fourth and third to upstage the founder himself?


John Monroe: It was Jack Runner who became third and Katsu Salvatore who became fourth.


John Monroe: We didn't set our cars up properly. The alpha stage was the hillclimb at Banham. The cars were still set up in that setting.


Emilia Russo: Oh Banham...that name holds a lot of rumors.


John Monroe: Yeah I organized an event there a couple of months back now.


John Monroe: That was the alpha stage. Was well attended too.


Emilia Russo: I was there!


John Monroe: Yeah it was quite the success.


Emilia Russo: You came across like a guy who was into the car scene. What's your own opinion on the scene we have here in San Andreas?


John Monroe: The scene currently?


Emilia Russo: Yeah, with all these auto shops, racing teams and events booming in the last year or so.


John Monroe: Terrible. Apart from RiA who makes a real effort.


John Monroe: Kids are still running the streets. They have no place to go and express their passion.


Emilia Russo: And these are the kids street racing?


John Monroe: You see it all the time. Just drive on the streets at night, you can see them racing about. I had a message today that one of them passed away after a crash.


John Monroe: So in my opinion when that happens. The state is terrible.


Emilia Russo: It's scary how quick you can die out there doing that.


Emilia Russo: I think everybody in the room has had a near-miss with a speeding car at least once in this state.


Emilia Russo: Or a near head-on.


John Monroe: Of course. But the thing is you can't stop them, they will continue no matter how hard PD crack down on them.


Julia Falkner: Definitely.


John Monroe: In my opinion they need a place where they can do it safely.


Emilia Russo: Why do you think that is?


John Monroe: Rush. Proving that they're faster than the other. Gaining respect and all that.


John Monroe: Everyone wants to be the fastest of the group.


Julia Falkner: Dominance I believe is the main reason as well.


John Monroe: Exactly.


Emilia Russo: From what I've heard since moving here, that rush kills others.


John Monroe: Adrenaline rush. People love it.


Emilia Russo: I'm not sure about Cynthia or Kalani, but I've had a close call around Banham once or twice too.


Emilia Russo: [sighs]


John Monroe: When you see the souped up Elegies and cars standing there. It's better to avoid the place at all cost.


John Monroe: That's what I do.


Emilia Russo: Yeah, I tend to these days. It's a shame, it's beautiful out there.


Emilia Russo: Would you say the government and our emergency services have helped promote safer racing though?


John Monroe: No. They only provoked them.


Emilia Russo: What, really?


John Monroe: I catch a lot of stories around. When the PD cracked down hard on them it worked the other way around. Instead of them backing off they became more aggressive.


Emilia Russo: What could they do to help promote more sanctioned and supervised races?


John Monroe: Have a track. I know there is an airbase around here and I was looking into it if it was possible to do something there.


Julia Falkner: Build an official and proper race track for every enthusiast to go to.


Emilia Russo: You mean like the Sandy Shores airstrip or Fort Zancudo?


John Monroe: Zancudo.


John Monroe: Then don't let the drivers on if they don't have a rollcage and helmet.


Emilia Russo: Ooh, good luck. That's a shared facility with the LSPD's training team.


John Monroe: Look at the space there.


Emilia Russo: It's perfect...that's true.


John Monroe: It's massive! I am sure there's room for two.


Emilia Russo: Something you could call them up for sometime!


Emilia Russo: Events like the RIA hillclimb could encourage safer racing, do you agree?


John Monroe: They do. You must have overalls and a helmet. Not too sure about a rollcage but my race car has one installed.


John Monroe: When participating for their events. But RiA can't control what is happening outside of them.


Emilia Russo: Of course, it's out of their hands.


Emilia Russo: If their racers are tearing up the hills on public roads, it's beyond them.


John Monroe: They can't control what they do in their private lives.


[Emilia Russo is heard clearing her throat.]


Emilia Russo: The same applies anywhere really.


John Monroe: Exactly.


John Monroe: That's why I am all for a racetrack in LS.


Emilia Russo: Speaking of your cars, I saw you have a few nice cars online. Can you pick 'n choose which one could race?


Emilia Russo: I can't name them, I'm not the best at that but...y'know!


John Monroe: I had a fleet of cars. Together we still have as we're car enthusiasts.


Emilia Russo: Since you mentioned a track John, can I ask your thoughts on people racing on closed tracks without supervision?


John Monroe: I now have three cars in total. The Elegy is being used as a race car. I daily drive a Sentinel Classic and I have a Declasse Vamos. That one used to belong to my dad and I had it shipped over here from Vice City.


John Monroe: My thoughs.


John Monroe: [coughs]


John Monroe: Thoughts. Sorry.


John Monroe: Uh yes. I can understand where they come from. It's not a smart thing to do at all! Don't get me wrong as accidents happen and even takes lives away. Young lives.


John Monroe: But the people don't have a place to go... That is the main thing.


Emilia Russo: You consider yourself somebody influential in the scene?


 John Monroe: Yes and no.


John Monroe: Yes in a way that I know a lot of people from car meets and so. They know I used start out as a mechanic and give them tips and tricks on how to maintain their cars and what not.


[Emilia Russo hands a tablet she had been using to Cynthia Vasquez. While it's passed around, her voice is quiet in the audio.]


Emilia Russo: Sorry, thought I was done.


John Monroe: No in a sense. I can't stop them.


Emilia Russo: With the events backing you up John, you can influence people to change on the scene.


John Monroe: That's why I am keen to try at least to provide a place where they can go.


Emilia Russo: What else can you give them outside a team to belong to?


John Monroe: Personally I can't do much other then to host events to make it legal alongside RiA or aid them to do more. But the planning of these events takes a lot of time and effort.


Emilia Russo: Plus EA keeps you busy.


John Monroe: Exactly.


Emilia Russo: How about your past, have you ever broken the speed limit outside of a legal race or raced against others or the clock on the streets?


John Monroe: Hmm... I did some racing back in the day in Vice City. Never in the city because the risks.


Emilia Russo: And outside of the city?


John Monroe: That happened outside of the city. But that is years ago now.


John Monroe: And I have my share of fines of speeding.


John Monroe: But these days. Don't want to anymore.


Emilia Russo: I get that, once you've dealt with the cops once you don't want to again. No matter how you're involved.


John Monroe: And especially with the responsibilities I have now.


Emilia Russo: I've been sat to people who got pulled over and I'm there like "oh God, oh God" like I did something wrong other than just sit there!


John Monroe: Well... I drive an Elegy quite frequently.


John Monroe: I am always the target of being pulled over randomly.


Emilia Russo: What would they call that, car profiling?


John Monroe: Kinda yeah. It's funny because they see my dayglow red Elegy. They tail me for a couple of blocks just to see if I do anything wrong.


Cynthia Vasquez: So you'd say it's more about your car and not your driving?


John Monroe: Well when I don't get pulled over I see it like I didn't do anything wrong. I don't have the issue when I drive the Sentinel for instance.


Cynthia Vasquez: What car were you driving when you drove past a police officer at one hundred and twenty miles per hour and got left off with a warning?


John Monroe: Elegy.


Julia Falkner: Oh?


John Monroe: And I wasn't doing one twenty.


Cynthia Vasquez: Someone told us you were. You said it yourself.


John Monroe: I did eighty. Missed the stop on the bottom the hill.


Cynthia Vasquez: So why did you tell all of your employees you got away with a warning after driving that quickly?


John Monroe: I thought it was funny. I never said I did one twenty though. If I would go that fast I would've been arrested for sure.


John Monroe: Wouldn't make sense right?


Emilia Russo: Considering the max speed limit is ninety, I'd think so.


Cynthia Vasquez: The highway limit, yeah.


John Monroe: So that one twenty mile an hour wouldn't make any sense.


John Monroe: As it was in the city.


Emilia Russo: In the city...


John Monroe: Came back from Vinewood Boulevard and you know that downhill right? When you go downtown?


John Monroe: It was there. Just after the downhill.


Emilia Russo: One twenty on Alta Avenue would definitely be classed as thirty over the limit, and Reckless Driving.


John Monroe: Exactly. That would've put me in jail.


Emilia Russo: It's what we've been told.


John Monroe: Heh, I wish the Elegy had that power.


John Monroe: On the dyno it pulled one fifteen.


John Monroe: Would make me win more races.


John Monroe: [chuckles]


Emilia Russo: One hundred and fifteen horsepower?


John Monroe: Miles an hour.


John Monroe: On the dyno that is.


Emilia Russo: I'm trying to understand, a dyno is a flat surface right?


Emilia Russo: Your car going down Baytree Canyon Road, then down to Alta Street could build up a lot of speed.


Emilia Russo: I take that road almost daily, you have to be on the brakes.


John Monroe: Dyno is actually a platform where you can drive your car onto it. There are four rolls which you plant your car on.


John Monroe: Those spin freely and there's a computer hooked onto it.


Emilia Russo: But it is flat.


John Monroe: Yes. But still me doing one twenty? That would lead to an instant arrest and not a warning.


Cynthia Vasquez: We're getting stuck on one topic here.


Cynthia Vasquez: I suppose we'll ask about John's racing habits outside of sanctioned events.


Cynthia Vasquez: Like the timed runs at Mount Haan or the racing at the Observatory for the past two days.


Cynthia Vasquez: This is your chance to comment on that, John.


John Monroe: The timed runs were on Haan were at the event. And I like to drive the roads. I don't race.


Emilia Russo: We're talking on the 7th of October, 3 days before the event.


John Monroe: Seventh of October? I don't know what I was doing then. Lemme see? Can I check my agenda?


[John Monroe consults his phone.]


Cynthia Vasquez: I believe you were doing donuts in the Vamos. That was the car, right?


John Monroe: Oh I have shredded some tires there for sure but I am unaware of timed runs. I know I went to the beach that day and went home to play some videogames.


Emilia Russo: So around noon to 2 o'clock you weren't on Mount Haan Road at all?


John Monroe: Pffft, uhh. I went to the beach at around one I think? Stayed there for a bit to grab a tan but I can't recall doing any races. And if I would? Why would I do it in the Vamos of all cars?


John Monroe: That's a death trap.


Emilia Russo: Was Jack Runner at the beach with you?


John Monroe: No.


Cynthia Vasquez: Because he was timing him, Emilia. Remember?


Emilia Russo: That was Caroline.


Cynthia Vasquez: Ah. My bad. Ouch. A CEO encouraging their employees to do timed laps on an unsanctioned track.


Emilia Russo: John, you have the chance to comment on all these allegations.


Emilia Russo: Being in a relationship together we're sure you've both shared some antics.


John Monroe: I didn't encourage anyone to begin with. I didn't do timed runs but I enjoyed my car on the road like every car enthusiast would do.


Cynthia Vasquez: Like Julia and the uh, ALPR incident.


Cynthia Vasquez: What as it again? "Bitch couldn't catch me in the ALPR"?


Julia Falkner: I do not recall any ALPR incident, excuse me.


John Monroe: The hell is an ALPR?


Emilia Russo: Hooning is what we heard.


Cynthia Vasquez: I suppose we can add both of them lying to the list.


Julia Falkner: What's an ALPR even, yeah?


Emilia Russo: Are you a car enthusiast Julia?


Kalani Jamil: I have a question, actually, too.


Julia Falkner: I'm sorry but if you're accusing me of things I've never done we'll have to end this interview.


Emilia Russo: I'm not an enthusiast but I was told what an ALPR was when I started driving.


Julia Falkner: I like cars for their looks not for performance, but I do enjoy driving as well.


[Cynthia Vasquez plays a recording on the laptop in the room, it’s Julia Faulkner on a radio. "Almost got pulled over. Bitch couldn't catch me in the ALPR haha."]


Julia Falkner: Let me add something to our conversation if you don't mind, but as a German you don't know how much it affects us for accusing someone of something that isn't true.


Cynthia Vasquez: Listen to what I just played.


Cynthia Vasquez: That sounds like you.


Emilia Russo: This is the problem, these are files we had shared to us.


Kalani Jamil: I mean, we've recorded this entire conversation.


Cynthia Vasquez: So much for not knowing what an ALPR is.


Kalani Jamil: So we've got a point of reference.


John Monroe: I really don't know what an ALPR is.


Cynthia Vasquez: We have our story. You guys have your chance to tell yours.


Emilia Russo: John, if you want to advocate road safety and traffic laws you need to know what an ALPR is.


John Monroe: What is it then?


John Monroe: Please inform me?


Julia Falkner: Could we have the- yes.


Emilia Russo: As you know, it's an Automatic License Plate Recognition camera.


John Monroe: Oh plate reg.


John Monroe: I didn't know it was called ALPR.


Julia Falkner: And by its name I assume it recognizes plates?


Emilia Russo: It's a universal acronym.


John Monroe: Yeah not familiar with that acronym itself.


Emilia Russo: Well, in English speaking countries.


John Monroe: But considering my driving.


Emilia Russo: I know it in Italian and English, but not German.


 John Monroe: From what I did on those windy roads. I did just something  what every car enthusiast would do. Nothing extreme and surely not racing.


Emilia Russo: They're public roads and you're covering one-and-a-quarter miles of windy roads in around a minute or less.


John Monroe: Not me.


 John Monroe: But I invite you all to drive the Vamos to see what I am on about.


Emilia Russo: I heard you did fifty four seconds on one run, Jack did forty seven or so.


John Monroe: You wouldn't dare to speed too much in that car.


Cynthia Vasquez: Rally racing is a form of racing. It's where cars take turns getting from point A to point B. They're timed. It's what you encouraged your employees to do with you.


 John Monroe: That is your assumption and take on it.


Emilia Russo: You took your Sentinel that afternoon, the same Sentinel that was among three cars that almost wiped me off the road this evening.


John Monroe: Same Sentinel?


John Monroe: My Sentinel?


Emilia Russo: Red Ubermacht Sentinel Classic, license plate F-T-A-1-7-9.


Cynthia Vasquez: Don't we have pictures of that Sentinel doing laps at the observatory with three other cars?


Kalani Jamil: Don't we have videos?


Cynthia Vasquez: I think we do.


Emilia Russo: I don't know what you're trying here John, but this is serious.


Emilia Russo: You have been seen racing around the Galileo Observatory.


John Monroe: Hmm. Can't recall me racing there to be honest.


Emilia Russo: This evening and yesterday evening.


Cynthia Vasquez: Both of you were up there this evening, actually. Jack Runner too. Even Ashley Hendricks!


John Monroe: Are you stalking me?


Kalani Jamil: We'll take that as a yes, then.


John Monroe: I was up the observatory today yeah.


Emilia Russo: Our work is within the law.


Emilia Russo: No matter who shares what.


Cynthia Vasquez: We're the media. We're not going to say no when people give us information and evidence.


Kalani Jamil: Especially when peoples' lives are at risk.


John Monroe: If it was true? Why not go to PD?


Emilia Russo: I doubt we're the only people who's seen this.


John Monroe: That is my question. I was there and you might have seen my car.


John Monroe: But I wasn't the one racing.


Emilia Russo: No...it's definitely you John.


Cynthia Vasquez: In the legal world we like to call that the Shaggy Defense. It's named after the song "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy.


Kalani Jamil: I love that song.


Cynthia Vasquez: It's where a defendant says it wasn't them despite being caught on camera. Google it if you don't believe me.


John Monroe: I'd love to see the proof of my face on camera.


Kalani Jamil: That's up to Emilia, it'll be released soon, though.


John Monroe: Good. If my face will be released I have to give approval.


John Monroe: As it's my face.


Kalani Jamil: Cynthia?


Emilia Russo: The LSPD will know soon enough, one way or the other.


Kalani Jamil: Would ya like to correct that?


Emilia Russo: You have a leaky ship, John.


Emilia Russo: Some trusted people in your organization have spoken.


Cynthia Vasquez: If people had to give their approval for their face to be photographed, we wouldn't have CCTV anywhere.


Emilia Russo: People close to you.


John Monroe: If the media releases it.


John Monroe: They do.


John Monroe: Without approval from PD.


Julia Falkner: They surely aren't trusted anymore if they leaked this kind of information about John.


Emilia Russo: They won't tell you who they are.


John Monroe: I know who it is.


Julia Falkner: We already know.


Cynthia Vasquez: I think we all know what the name Executive means to people right now. Like we said at the start, people think both companies are the same.


Emilia Russo: [holds up three fingers] At least.


Kalani Jamil: You're forgetting one, Emilia.


Julia Falkner: Nobody is perfect.


Kalani Jamil: People take their families up to the hills.


Kalani Jamil: Great views of the city.


Emilia Russo: People hike there, it's a tourist attraction. It has an exhibition inside. The Vinewood sign speaks for itself too.


John Monroe: Can I ask a question to you guys?


John Monroe: Why always us? I know it sounds weird but everything you always come to us. People die in the streets with gang shootings. There are corrupt and criminal businesses out there.


John Monroe: But yet you seem to focus always on us?


Emilia Russo: This has happened before?


Julia Falkner: What's your goal in all of that? What do you want to gain?


John Monroe: Hales. May she rest in peace. Always came after us and it seems nothing has changed.


Cynthia Vasquez: It's not about you as people but what you do.


Emilia Russo: More and more people spoken out against you, your ethics, your practices and we're not just talking about EA.


John Monroe: Ethics? Providing jobs for people in LS. Giving them social security.


Emilia Russo: It all draws attention, and that hooks other people.


 John Monroe: But yet we are targeted.


Kalani Jamil: I find it interesting that you mentioned corrupt and criminal businesses while not considering yourself one.


Julia Falkner: I honestly believe everyone acting against us is acting out of pure jealousy of being unsuccessful.


Emilia Russo: But what of your clients and the customers at Executive-sponsored venues, they deserve a good service and reliable security employed by reputable entrepreneurs.


Cynthia Vasquez: The other people are not the problem here. You are. Both of you.


Julia Falkner: Hmm.


Cynthia Vasquez: Actions have consequences. Don't project the blame onto other people.


John Monroe: And we don't provide good service?


Julia Falkner: I'd say we're doing our jobs pretty well.


Cynthia Vasquez: Rina and Ariana have been drinking at your clubs. That's not good service. They're both under twenty one.


Julia Falkner: Why are you trying to get into our personal lives? That only concerns us.


John Monroe: I am not aware of this issue.


John Monroe: And I am sure that Rina wouldn't drink. Her father was an alcoholic.


Emilia Russo: That night you sat with me John, it was happening right under your staff's noses. They served them.


Julia Falkner: Rina has never drank while on duty, I can assure you that.


Cynthia Vasquez: You should be. Rina was given access to the VIP area at The Garden while you were in charge, John. There's an open bar up there.


Emilia Russo: Well, I mean the night I sat with you.


John Monroe: Good there is a bar there. She wouldn't have touched any booze.


Cynthia Vasquez: The same night your bartenders served Ariana. Both of them did.


Emilia Russo: She wanted shots, she could've had them.


John Monroe: And I believe Kalani was there as well at the VIP.


Julia Falkner: And I think Rina has Sprunk that day. Like usual.


John Monroe: Did you see her drink Kalyani?


Kalani Jamil: I was more concerned with someone trying to intimidate my journalists into giving them a new review.


Cynthia Vasquez: While we didn't see her drink, it's still very negligent to give someone under the age of twenty one access to an open bar by herself.


Kalani Jamil: I'd actually like to ask about a seperate issue, if that's okay.


John Monroe: I trust Rina with my life. She wouldn't drink.


Kalani Jamil: You remember an incident that same night where a girl was served, then ran out of the nightclub shouting how she managed to get served?


John Monroe: Yes. I remember that.


Julia Falkner: Rina is a friend of us and she respects rules, I believe she's Japanese and loyalty means everything to them.


Kalani Jamil: Would you consider changing your policy on your hand-dots regarding that?


John Monroe: Oh yeah totally. We talked and decline people under eighteen now especially there.


Kalani Jamil: But you need to be twenty-one to drink


[Emilia Russo and Cynthia Vasquez consult each other in whispers.]


John Monroe: And it's not nice to whisper in public.


John Monroe: I see that as extremely rude.


Cynthia Vasquez: It's not nice to lie or to speed through the city either.


Emilia Russo: And I see a shameless man refusing accountability and responsibility for the sake of those employed with him.


John Monroe: That's something which isn't the case and not appropriate comparison.


Julia Falkner: We're directly addressing you madams, please return the same favor.


Cynthia Vasquez: If the people at the top can't take accountability for their actions, how can we be sure they'll hold their staff accountable?


John Monroe: Can I have a word?


John Monroe: In between this mess to get this back onto topic again?


John Monroe: Great.


John Monroe: Considering the person who got alcohol at the Garden. It's a shame it happened and I agree with that to a point that only twenty one and older is allowed in there.


John Monroe: About Rina. She told me a personal and touching story. I firmly believe that she didn't drink. I can stick my hand into fire for that.


Kalani Jamil: So Ariana?


Kalani Jamil: Why are you serving her?


Emilia Russo: Rina's up to interpretation, we're not saying she DID drink.


Julia Falkner: So far I've punished five employees within our company for misbehaving and I won't stop doing that for anyone that consumes alcohol while on the job. Including friends and other individuals. We respect the rules we go by while doing business.


 John Monroe: Ariana isn't employed by us. She asked if she could drink and our head bartender shut that down directly.


Kalani Jamil: Nicole Deveareaux? We caught her serving Ariana.


Emilia Russo: Yet Lia and Nicole served her on the same night.


Emilia Russo: Who was the head bartender that night?


John Monroe: I'd like to grab the CCTV footage to prove you wrong there.


Cynthia Vasquez: Again you're trying to avoid responsibility. We wouldn't say it if we didn't have our own evidence.


Emilia Russo: We have evidence too. Who was the head bartender?


John Monroe: Nicole.


Kalani Jamil: So why did she serve, I think it was a rum and coke?


John Monroe: But she didn't serve alcohol to Ariana. I am really sure about that.


Emilia Russo: So what made Nicole change her mind?


John Monroe: She drank a soda from what I am aware of. Once more.


John Monroe: I would love to show the CCTV. That's how sure I am.


Cynthia Vasquez: It looked like a complex cocktail to me.


John Monroe: Rum and coke it was and now a complex cocktail.


John Monroe: Seems a bit weird to me huh?


Cynthia Vasquez: Rum and Coke was the first one.


Emilia Russo: Two drinks, as we said.


John Monroe: Yeah. Like I said. I would love to show the CCTV footage.


Julia Falkner: If you think you're making us insecure about our stuff with lies that's wrong, madams.


John Monroe: They didn't serve alcohol to Ariana.


Cynthia Vasquez: The only people that have lied here are the two people on the other side of the table to me.


Emilia Russo: If we lied we'd be out of business.


Kalani Jamil: Well, we'd invite you to read the article when it's published.


Kalani Jamil: It'll detail it in full.


John Monroe: You know.


Julia Falkner: Nobody would ever know who is lying if we're all accusing each other. I would like to return to the main subject or end this interview. It's already getting late and we been sitting here for two hours or so.


John Monroe: I missed a funeral about this.


Kalani Jamil: Nobody... asked you to do that.


Kalani Jamil: But I'm sorry for your loss, John.


John Monroe: I didn't think it took this long.


John Monroe: Or would take.


Emilia Russo: You can't blame us. You came here on your own volition John, I'd hate to miss a funeral myself as they mean a lot, but you can't project blame again.


John Monroe: Nah it's my fault! I know that.


John Monroe: Just didn't expect it.


Emilia Russo: That's fair enough. I'm sorry for your loss.


Julia Falkner: He never expressed blame on you for missing a funeral. He just stated that.


Julia Falkner: Anyway...


John Monroe: Shortly summarized. Yes I am a car enthusiast. I do like to let it go on windy roads. No I am not a racer.


John Monroe: We didn't serve our employees and the person who got served is our fault.


John Monroe: Meaning we have to pay better attention. But what hurts me is the assumptions.


John Monroe: Especially about Rina.


John Monroe: And not to mention you forgot about the attack that happened to one of the clubs last night.


Emilia Russo: The fire?


 John Monroe: Yes.


Emilia Russo: We're aware of it.


Emilia Russo: Firebat's some serial arsonist.


Julia Falkner: Mhm.


John Monroe: Glad no one got hurt huh? But yet you aim at me about what I do in my personal life and a mistake that was made.


Emilia Russo: Was there anything else?


Julia Falkner: LSPD is currently investigating that account.


John Monroe: It's one thing to check my business.


John Monroe: That is your full right. But I don't like it when people are in my personal life.


Cynthia Vasquez: I don't think a family will appreciate it when you driving kills someone.


Emilia Russo: What's that defence that some police officers use about being recorded in public, Cynthia?


John Monroe: It's my personal life.


Kalani Jamil: A very good Bon Jovi song, indeed.


Emilia Russo: You're on a public road at a public tourist attraction.


John Monroe: In my personal time.


Cynthia Vasquez: The media is protected by the First Amendment.


Cynthia Vasquez: If we broke into your house and started taking pictures, we'd be in trouble.


Emilia Russo: I could wander past a married couple taking a selfie. Same principles.


John Monroe: It's my private life guys? This is just getting weird and upset? What is your goal? Make me shut down EA?


Cynthia Vasquez: But when you're in public, you're in public.


Cynthia Vasquez: Our goal here is to run a story after some evidence was presented to us.


John Monroe: Is that the endgoal here?


Kalani Jamil: When you're in public, consequences matter.


Kalani Jamil: You could've killed someone, different story then, right?


John Monroe: Do it about the racers themselves and not a random car enthusiast.


John Monroe: Go after them for a story.


Emilia Russo: We are. You're one.


John Monroe: I am not affiliated with anyone.


John Monroe: Except the legal RIA.


Cynthia Vasquez: We have other racers documented. Mostly the people that stay around Banham.


Kalani Jamil: If it's all the same to you, I think this is a good place to end for tonight.


Emilia Russo: Have you ever been to Banham at night, lately?


Cynthia Vasquez: But we have a lot more evidence of you doing it.


John Monroe: Oh I hang out at the gas station for sure.


 Julia Falkner: May I say a word real quick?


Julia Falkner: John, please...?


John Monroe: Sure.


Julia Falkner: As an ultimatum for our conversation I'm coming up with a suggestion - as me and John would like to keep our private life personal we either move on with questions based on a different subject or we end this interview.


Julia Falkner: So please take my offer seriously this time and come up with an answer.


John Monroe: I don't feel secure anymore in my private life.


John Monroe: I feel like I am being watched now.


Cynthia Vasquez: Stop breaking the law in public and we'll stop getting information sent into us.


Julia Falkner: We're feeling like we can't live normally anymore. Like paparazzi waiting for us to go out to take photos.


John Monroe: What Julia said.


Kalani Jamil: Yeah, but Brad Pitt isn't driving around at a hundred and ten miles an hour.


John Monroe: I am not Brad Pitt.


Emilia Russo: If a naked man runs through Downtown and gets harassed by people, can he say they're invading his private life?


John Monroe: I am not a celebrity.


John Monroe: I am just a guy who owns a business you guys clearly don't like.


Cynthia Vasquez: You're a CEO of a company that provides staff to the majority of clubs in this city. You're a public figure.


Cynthia Vasquez: On top of that you're part of a racing team.


Kalani Jamil: If you feel we're being biased or partial towards you, feel free to submit a complaint.


John Monroe: Well. You do have the monopoly on the news.


John Monroe: No other news channel is around.


Julia Falkner: John...?


Julia Falkner: I want to end this, I'm tired. Let me say one more thing.


Julia Falkner: To make peace between us all.


Emilia Russo: But we don't suppress competition. We compete.


John Monroe: Mhmm.


[Ryan Price enters the room at this point and remains quiet against the wall at the back.]


Julia Falkner: We are already doing our best to keep everything civilized and legal. But seeing as there's no other outcome out of this, we will "stop committing crimes" even though I don't know what you're talking about. We will do things right even though I doubt we did something wrong.


Julia Falkner: And with that being said, ladies. Thank you for your time.


Kalani Jamil: Thank you very much, Ms. Falkner, Mr. Monroe.


Emilia Russo: We presented what we had, you commented on the allegations, there's not much else to it.


Cynthia Vasquez: Have a nice night.


Ryan Price: Thanks for everything.


Julia Faulkner: [stands up from her chair] Let’s go.


Kalani Jamil: I'll walk you out.


John Monroe: Oh and if you stumble across a picture of me. I don't agree with it being shared by the media.


Emilia Russo: I'll see you out.


Julia Falkner: Thank you.


John Monroe: [stands up from his chair] Have a wonderful night.


[Interview ends at 01:05 on 15/10/2019]


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cryybabyycryy    106

*a small screenshot of the article is posted*



Username: BritBrit


The man circled in the picture is NOT Mr.Monroe but Tristen Jutton, former racer of RIA.

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Geobub    7

Username: Tempeste

Comment: Overall decent writing, however certain parts have been entirely twisted out of context. The more you read through these articles the more it feels like this news agency holds a vendetta. 

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Keane    155

Username: Vasquez

Comment: The entire article is based on information that either current and/or former employees or ourselves have witnessed and documented. We've included evidence to allow it to speak for itself. Could you clarify which parts are twisted?

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Ribsey    157




Username: BritBrit


The man circled in the picture is NOT Mr.Monroe but Tristen Jutton, former racer of RIA.

Username: ERusso

Comment: Thank you for the correction. We apologize for the mistake which has now been rectified.

Edited by Ribsey

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cryybabyycryy    106

Username: BritBrit


Good try? But you moved on to circle the face of Chad Bakerson.. Mr.Monroe is not pictured there.

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Ribsey    157


Username: BritBrit


Good try? But you moved on to circle the face of Chad Bakerson.. Mr.Monroe is not pictured there.


Username: ERusso

Comment: Thank you once again. The feature has been edited accordingly.

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Tr1bal    292

Username: PatricSwazy1980

Comment: Holy Mother of Lord Patrick Swayze himself. This is what I call a investigative journalism. One of the best articles I have read my entire life. DoJ needs to take action on this.

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Mitch    146

Username: Firebat

Comment: There must be a criminal investigation brought against EA, it's very clear illegal activity, when will it end, or will they shoot another guy in the back for people to care?

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Geobub    7
26 minutes ago, Keane said:

Username: Vasquez

Comment: The entire article is based on information that either current and/or former employees or ourselves have witnessed and documented. We've included evidence to allow it to speak for itself. Could you clarify which parts are twisted?

Username: Tempeste

Comment: The claims of a threat are null. They were in a radio frequency unrelated to Executive, John was venting about being frustrated. Someone unrelated made a joke in poor taste. John even clearly within your evidence states "No."

The second clip again is unrelated. Perhaps if you would like to post the conversation leading up to that point instead of just clips you would see.

As a second note, if this racing scene is such a concern then why are Saints News not reporting on poor police response?

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