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The Birth of Hate

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Bogatyr    315
Posted (edited)



Morton Lynch was born on 21st January 1994, into a middle class urban family in Los Santos, San Andreas, United States. 

After passing elementary school, Lynch joined Vespucci High in 2007. As a reclusive teen he never particularly excelled at anything, nor exercised any notable hobbies. To his parents' annoyance, Lynch spent most of his young life indoors. He graduated fairly easily with minimal effort nonetheless which displayed his natural intelligence but largely disoriented life. This enabled his parents to push him to pursue higher education. They opted for him to take up a student loan and enroll with ULSA to study economics because of the potential in status and wealth gain within corporate life, which was deemed to be the penultimate future for him. He wasn't particularly interested but despite this followed suit without protest.  

Lynch graduated college in 2015 in average fashion with undistinguished results. He did however receive a contract of employment right after the end of his successful internship in a young up-and-coming online marketing company. He was employed there for three years where he endured great work-related stress due to the gradually increasing workload without promotion or pay-increase and in his eyes unfair treatment and nepotism by management. Despite this, he forced himself to brave such conditions because of his indebtment in college loans and a mortgage, leaving him to be entirely financially dependent on his job with little wiggle room. His hate didn't start here, but it would be efficiently fed to grow up to a turning point in his young adult life.  This thread will showcase Morton Lynch's internal and external journey in life from this point onwards.

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A_Acko    236

he's a cuckold 😂


following this, looks really good!

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