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The Backwoods Crew

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Artz    28




The Backwoods Crew


Founded in the heart of Blaine County, the crew is a loosely organized crime group. It follows a family structure, built on respect and seniority. The group is loosely founded on Southern ideals, a lust for money, and something to cling to as their way of life slowly goes extinct due to technological advancements.

The group, mainly comprised of locals and people who made their way up from Southern states, are involved in anything they would expect to be able to make a dollar from. They’re only limited by their own conscience, or that of their brothers who might keep them in check, which means atrocious crimes could potentially be life threatening to a member.


The crew has previously been involved in small time arms dealing, drug dealing and white collar crime. A few leading figures have also been known to have served extended jail time, however most members have managed to fly under the radar so far. They are thought to be unaligned with any prison gangs.


While operating out of Sandy Shores, the local area has seen an unexpected rise in violent crime, drug abuse and breaking and enterings. The last is believed to be in direct connection to the rising drug problem in the small town. The crime is not limited to Sandy Shores however, a rise in criminal activity have been reported all over Blaine County, including Paleto Bay and Grapeseed.

The organization is known to primarily consist of men, but women are not shunned from participating in crime. They are, however, usually expected to work into their own niche of crimes, and not normally get involved with the more violent branch of the group. 


Known to be hardworking men and women holding normal jobs, they easily blend in amongst the locals. Many of them sport southern pride tattoos, and enjoy listening to country, rock music, and working on their pickup trucks and old muscle cars. This can make it hard to identify a crook from a civilian when roaming Blaine County.



Recruitment is to be handled in-game. Should you wish to join, but are having difficulties figuring out how to approach or roleplay a person from the sticks, or if you have questions about the vast possibilities the roleplay offers you, feel free to shoot me a PM or contact me on Discord at Artz#6488.


We expect you to roleplay at all times, and keep yourself to a high standard while minimizing the OOC chatter. You’re expected to separate IC and OOC, as well as to stay out of voice channels during RP. It is heavily frowned upon, and will usually will lower the RP quality you provide. You might risk expulsion from the faction, as well as a blacklist if we have any reason to believe you are mixing.

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Artz    28






















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Fenrir    178

Awesome concept! Best of luck!

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DLimit    84

May The People of Tongva be at peace with your kind.

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