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Faction Management reorganization

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Nervous    2364

It is no surprise to most of you that over the last few days things have been moving quickly in the staff team. Following Maca's resignation, Eyebrows and Rukka are also departing.


We've had months of conflicts and miscommunication that collectively led to a wall for all of us and started to affect our friendship and health. We spent three days together discussing how to fix the communication issues, as well as attempting to find solutions to the arguments we were having in the past. While we could all agree on the end goal, we could not agree on the methods to reach that goal. We concluded that it was best if we parted ways until a future date.


Eyebrows' replacement as head of Faction Management is impossible, as her work was appreciated by everyone. She put thousands of hours into shaping the server standards into where they are today and helping most of you the best she could. We cannot thank her enough for all the work she put in publicly and behind the scenes.


Some of you obviously had open conflicts with the Faction Management team and expressed them. While some concerns were legitimate, most reports against Faction Management were as a result of them maintaining a high roleplay standard across all factions. These complaints were players choosing to report Faction Management instead of improving themselves or their factions. 


A new head of Legal Faction Management will be appointed in the near future. In the meanwhile all Faction Management requests must be redirected to me where I will forward them to the team. Since I'll be actively participating in reshaping FM, I will be a direct witness to factions being unwilling to work with Faction Management and instead opting to report them.

These of you who are targeted by this message will know who you are. I already warned you that I will be stricter than ever on your roleplay standards. While the methods used by Faction Management will be different, we still plan on enforcing high standards on all factions.


As for everyone else, I wish to express that Faction Management is not going away and it is not changing its end goal: Helping factions, improving faction roleplay and the overall server standards with them.


Some changes that were already started by Rukka and Eyebrows are going to be pushed soon in a more visible way for everyone:

  • IC endpoints: Faction Management decisions to improve the server will go through IC decisions and characters to manage IC flow of the server in a natural way instead of adhering to some articifial OOC constructs. An example would be the governor that will influence the current mayor and put actual political pressure from the State Government that the mayor will have to weight against the scenario in an IC manner. For illegal factions, it can live through suppliers with specific backgrounds as it was already happening.
  • More autonomy & trust for factions, but stricter expectations: This was already an ongoing discussion I had with Eyebrows and a subject that mattered to many factions to avoid the feeling of being micromanaged. Faction Management will set clear goals based on what they observe, and will then regularly meet with the faction leader to evaluate the progression toward that goal, while giving more trust and autonomy on the road to reach it.
  • Invite every relevant stakeholders around the table to reshape Faction Management: Faction leaders and current FM members will all speak together to make sure we restart on a clean base for everyone, and give a chance to any leaders to express any concerns or issues they might have had.
  • Supplier applications : All the pending applications will be answered in the next 72 hours if positive


In a final comment, despite all our disagreements and conflicts I would want to thank you one last time for everything you achieved as Head of Faction Management, Eyebrows. I hope that you'll look as proud as I was when looking at how we progress in the future.


Everyone is obviously free to message me on Discord as usual for any concerns or discussions.

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