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Taliban pepe

I need some inspiration!

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Hey there!


First of all, I would like to introduce myself real quick. I'm twenty one years old and I live in Belgium, I'm a student and I will be graduated for Logistics Management in about three years. I'm a very passionate person and I like to keep myself busy with things such as school, sports and work. But there's a problem.


I've been working as a pizzaboy for three years now every weekend, it's like a nine to five job but for students. The thing is that I would like to start up my own little business for the coming three years until I graduate, just because of the reason that I don't like to work for a boss because I've had enough of my boss. He's really a dip shit!


Maybe it'll be a grown business until I graduate, who knows right ?


But there's a problem! I'm not such a creative person, like I had to think three weeks to name my cat when I got it...


I was thinking of a little cleaning business and now I'm looking to give the little business a name and a slogan so I thought maybe the creative people from GTA World would help me. I'm just looking for a name that fits for a cleaning business and a funny slogan.


Feel free to drop your creative ideas underneath the thread I would appreciate it a lot!

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