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Corrupt Game Data

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Ren    0

Just reinstalled RageMP to try and come back to GTAW, and everytime I connect to the server it crashes and says Corrupt Game Data or something


I have FiveM installed as well and actively play that too, is that a factor or? My game's up to date

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Realistic.    10

Do you have any mods installed at all that may affect your game? If you have the Steam version, try verifying the integrity of your game files to check for any corrupt files within the directory.

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ashlyii    9

I had this problem when I tried installing mods outside of the mods folder. 


You can either verify cache if you're on Steam or if on the launcher version, create a shortcut to the GTAVLauncher.exe. On the shortcut you made, in the target box add a space and then put -verify at the end. Double click it and it'll run the repair. You'll lose all of your mods if they're not in the mods folder but it'll fix your connection issues 🙂 

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