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How to Install ANY vehicle mod to RageMP! (Client-sided)

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Soupiest    36

Greetings everyone!


As the title may suggest, I will be showing you a method you can use to replace physical vehicle models into just about any vehicle model you may find on GTA5-Mods. Before we proceed, you'll be needing the following:




ArchiveFix - Will be used to affix the dlc archive after adding your vehicle mods.



Replaceable Vehicle DLC pack - Made by yours truly, the main dlc folder which will host your vehicle mods on the server.







Have everything? Awesome, let's jump right into it.


1. First and foremost, you're gonna obviously wanna pick the vehicle mods you want to add. For instance I will be picking this BMW and in-turn I'll be replacing it with the "oracle." (If you're having trouble finding the vehicle name to replace by filename, you can either find it through OpenIV via files OR through RageMP's wiki here.)




2. After picking your vehicle mod or mod(s) go ahead and place them anywhere from now and sit them aside. THEN rename them to the vehicle(s) you've decided to replace them with. (I obviously had the name changed to "oracle") NOTE: This DOES work with ANY DLC vehicle.



3. Open up OpenIV and navigate to "select folder" then from there you'll look for the dlc pack folder which you've recently downloaded. Hit the "select folder" button once you've selected the folder.








4. Navigate all the way to "vehicles.rpf" then click on it...




5. Drag your vehicle files inside "vehicles.rpf"




6. Click on the "gta5" folder and drag the "vehicles.rpf" file anywhere for now.







7. Drag the "vehicles.rpf" file on "ArchiveFix" and you should see this...






8. Remove the "vehicles.rpf" from OpenIV (Also don't forget to go in edit mode) and add the new "vehicles.rpf" then exit OpenIV after adding it.


9. Like the "vehicles.rpf" from step 7, drag the dlc.rpf from the "vanilla_vehicles" folder, onto ArchiveFix.


10. Exit ArchiveFix, drag "vanilla_vehicles" in dlcpacks within the server's IP folder and you're set! The vehicle mod should show.



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MaKSS    0

i did literally exact step by step, but for some reason just doesn't work ..

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