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Welcome to Media Outlet (Must Read)

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Media Outlet Section


Welcome to the Media Outlet section. This section will be home to everything media orientated and is the place showcase your faction thread and everything you and your IC colleagues do on a day to day basis. Keep it up to date with your business screenshots and links to everything IC journalism-related. 


In order to be recognized as a media outlet on the server, you’ll need to follow the same process all factions follow as outlined here:




However, there is another step to complete when you submit your thread. You’ll have to include this section alongside your application in order to get access the In-Game commands:




Company Name:

Business/Faction thread link (if already accepted):

Properties your faction owns:

Revenue Assessment (what does the faction do for income etc.):

Member List (include employment position):

Why should the company have access to the media commands?:

Average activity:


Do you understand that abuse of the In-Game commands may result in removal of access and administrator punishment? (Y/N): 



Completed threads and questionnaires are to be forwarded to @SpawnMatrix.



If the faction fails to remain active and provide a high standard of roleplay it will be closed down. Similarly, if the commands granted are abused, they will be removed and the faction closed down after the members receive their individual punishments.

Edited by SpawnMatrix

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