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GTAW 1.7 Development blog

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Nervous    2336



GTAW 1.7 : What's coming soon?


GTAW 1.6 was a massive update that brought many changes to your user experience thanks to new CEF features and systems. We've also removed most RPG elements remaining on the server and we're now quite satisfied with our current script.


There is still a lot to do, and improving new player experience and adding more CEF while keeping old commands available is one of the tasks we continuously do, and you'll see more and more user friendly features released to help you manage factions, properties, vehicles...


But our last major update also brought many crashes and instability, which forced us to change how we manage the server updates and versioning. We will not be releasing major versions containing 5+ important features anymore, instead we will keep pushing features when they're finished, tested and ready.

This will avoid having long periods of instability for the server as the amount of code to go live with 200+ players using it at the same time will be way smaller.


Regular devblogs will still be released to keep you up to date about what's soon coming on the server, but the features will be released as 1.6.8, 1.6.9 and then 1.7 without having a major 1.7 patch.


For once in two years I am finally quite happy with the current state of the gamemode: we covered all basic features everyone need to roleplay, we have some very advanced customization for your characters, properties, businesses opportunities, jobs.. and we have went way beyond what most SAMP/MTA experiences used to offer.

I decided to stop working on new features on my side to focus on delivering a crash & lag free experience, once you will be able to ride your bike with a passenger around Los Santos that doesn't die after at least 10 minutes while 250 players are online I will consider my goal reached. @-Andreas and @St3fan[NL] have been working on new features in the meanwhile!

Fixing the current bugs before moving on to new major features is also very important to avoid stacking and stacking issues. So my main focus for the next weeks is to rework most of our code to optimize everything and fix remaining crashes.

I already achieved most of the work in the last few days by optimizing server loading from 3-4 minutes to 3-4 seconds, and the initial character loading has been completely reworked to get rid of all crashes that might happen on it. The average uptime is already way better since yesterday and will keep increasing back to a stable state in the next few days.


@-Andreas has also been working on an amazing unique feature that we will be the first server to introduce : a forensic system.


Forensic & corpses update


This update is divided in multiple parts: the most challenging one was developing synchronized corpses for all players. When killing a player, his corpse will remain on the ground (even after /acceptdeath)!

You'll be able to:

  • Drag the corpse around
  • Lift the corpse into a vehicle
  • Drop the corpse into the water
  • Destroy a vehicle containing a corpse (burn it for example)
  • Bring the corpse to a funeral
  • Bring the corpse to the morgue
  • & much more!




Dragging the corpse around is painful and difficult : the animation system allows us to replicate the struggle you would experience.




All corpses and the animations are perfectly synchronized with all players. The goal is to initially release the system with corpses on the ground that will disappear after a restart, so without the corpse decay system (a server restart will get rid of them unless they're at the morgue), and once the synchronization is tested with 200+ players we will set up a decay system with permanent corpses that will have to be hidden forever / until fully decayed.


The second part of this update includes the morgue system



Coroners, police officers or FD will be able to bring corpses found to the morgue so it can be analyzed. The analysis will list for example:

  • Recent narcotics usage
  • Alcohol in the blood
  • Bullets and wounds in/on the body
  • Cause of death


The third part of the update is evidence: we'll add plenty of evidence for the police to use and the criminals to be careful with.

Police officers will be able to collect evidence from the morgue analysis and store it for later usage, such as bullet striation marks. The bullets are now saved in bodies (it has a probability to exit the body if it goes through or can also remain lodged inside) and will allow officers to compare striation marks with a gun they could have collected on scene or later from an arrested criminal. You'll now need to be very careful with your murder weapon and the weapons you're buying, as you might be owning a gun that was used for a previous murder!




The last part of the update will be the addition of new investigational tools for detectives to use which will allow criminals to roleplay in a more realistic environment:

  • Body wires
  • Trackers
  • Bugs
  • Telephone tapping
  • Banks transactions : character bank, business bank...


The entirety of this update is focused on bringing a more immersive and realistic environment for all players, especially police officers and criminals. We are being very careful in trying to balance powers on both sides, and we want to make sure that criminals will be positively affected by these changes as it'll bring them new roleplay opportunities and risks instead of more frustration.


The update will also come with new markers on the ground for players to receive "information". It could be marker to indicate that the door in front of you is broken for example,.


Plenty of work remains to be finished, but the most complicated part of the update is now done (corpse synchronization & the morgue system). I'll update in a soon future for its full release date 😉 


Vehicle mileage & anti-theft system


@St3fan[NL] has been working on improving the existing vehicle system by adding mileage and more roleplay opportunities for mechanics.

All vehicles will now have a permanent mileage and will require a maintenance after few thousands miles (approximately 250 times Airport - Paleto Bay trips). This maintenance will be performed by mechanic garages and the price will increase every time to set a soft decay on vehicles. The maintenance price depends on your vehicle price:



If you do not maintain your vehicle after each few thousands miles, the engine will stop working randomly or will not start at all.



Garages will now also be able to inspect a vehicle to determine when the last maintainance was performed and approximately how long remains until next:





Using /vstats you'll now be able to see your current mileage:



You will also be able to install an anti-theft system on your vehicle with various levels:

  • 1 - Short range tracking
  • 2 - Long range tracking
  • 3 - Short range engine disabling
  • 4 - Long range engine disabling




Once again, the goal is to add a more realistic system for vehicles without decreasing your user experience: the maintenance will have to be performed every few months of real life time, which will make it a very rare moment of your roleplay time. Business and factions such as the police department fleet will now also have to take into account these changes in their budgets and to maintain their vehicles on a regular basis.


These new vehicles systems will be available in a week!


Poker games!



What else?


On the development side, we have way more stuff to come for the next months but nothing more that is fully ready to be showcased yet, so stay tuned for next blogs! We're also finalizing some stuff on weapon components to fully release them to everyone, now that the sync issues are fixed.


However there are other teams working in bringing new amazing features that will soon be revealed too, which will appeal to many of you, from criminals to civilians. (no, not an FBI faction ran by myself!). From new factions to new locations, in partnership with the mapping & modding teams!

We'll slowly add new vehicles, outfits, hairs mods during the year thanks to our modders.

Edited by Nervous
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ashlyii    114

incredible work as always!

Such a great server with an owner, developer's and admin's who truly care about this community. That's a rare thing. Thank you for the work you've put in - I can't wait for the update!

Edited by ashlyii
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