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The Conti Crime Family

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Ohngesicht    50

Image result for courtroom sketch italian mafia


"Mafia is a process, not a thing. Mafia is a form of clan-cooperation to which its individual members pledge lifelong loyalty. Friendship, connections, family ties, trust, loyalty and obedience -- this was the glue that held us together." - Joseph Bonanno






It was a day of victory for both the FIB and Los Santos Authorities as the jury delivered their verdict regarding reputed Los Santos Crime Family underboss Roy Capra; Guilty. After just days of deliberations, there were pleased expressions all around as the operation, which had been a joint effort between Kansas City FIB agents and the LS Sheriff’s Department, proved successful. 


But for the LS Crime Family, the perhaps turbulent verdict wasn’t met quite as enthusiastically. With Capra’s indictment, the LSCF suffered a major blow. Large chunks of the family collapsed, forcing the remaining leadership of boss Salvatore “The Cheat” Lena and consigliere Frank “Cheech” Piccarelli into hiding.



Kansas City Roots


The LSCF can trace their roots back to the Civella Crime Family, also known as the Kansas City Crime Family, wherein Salvatore Lena held the rank of Captain. In late 2017, Lena, along with his son-in-law and KC Family member Carmine “The Pinch” Basciano, moved to Los Santos. Both L.S. authorities and the FIB have speculated that Lena was ordered to expand and protect the interests of the family. Since, Lena has indeed proved to be a strategic and critical part of creating and maintaining the KC Crime Family’s interests in San Andreas.


Shortly after their migration to the City of Saints, both Lena and Basciano were arrested on charges including gambling, loan sharking, and first degree murder. That murder charge was regarding KC Family associate Joseph “Joey Fingers” Mezzasalma. Mezzasalma was reported missing to the Kansas City Police Department by his fiancee in July of 1991 and he was not found until October of 2017, when a local walking their dog came upon the shallow grave by pure chance. Retired FIB agent Nicholas Callahan, who was assigned to investigate the KC Crime Family around the time of the Mezzasalma hit, has stated numerous times to both his superiors and the press that Lena had Mezzasalma murdered for selling his daughter various illicit drugs over the span of three months.



City of Saints and Free Men


After 5 total weeks of deliberations, the jury returned deadlocked - 10 guilty, 2 innocent. Roy Capra, an associate of Lena’s, had allegedly visited 2 of the jury members several times over the course of the trial. Coincidentally, these 2 jury members were the same who insisted Lena and Basciano were not guilty.


After the trial, Salvatore Lena made his return to the sunny state of San Andreas, leaving the events of the trial behind him with his head held high. He, along with others in the family, expected his son-in-law Carmine Basciano to follow suit and return to their operations in the West, but were surprised when he seemed to vanish off the face of the Earth. Suspicious that the pressures of the trial had caused Basciano’s loyalties to be tested, Lena requested Roy Capra to investigate further. Lining the pockets of the right people and applying pressure where it was needed lead Capra to discover what he and Lena had hoped to not be true; Basicano was cooperating with law enforcement post trial in exchange for witness protection and criminal pardon for his connection to criminal activities involving Lena. Betrayed by the selfish act of his own family, Lena immediately gave Capra the go ahead on liquidating his son-in-law and once loyal soldier Basicano:







The Clinton Avenue Crew


With the loose lips silenced and a gradual decline of the heat on Salvatore “The Cheat” Lena, it was time for the crew to re-establish its roots and obtain a hold on the city once more. To assist Lena, Roy Capra, who had spent the past almost two decades representing the KC Crime Family in Las Venturas mainly focused on Caligula’s Casino, decided to permanently relocate to Los Santos. Along with Capra joined Frank “Cheech” Piccarelli, a strong up-and-comer in the family who became an official member around the same time as Capra. Also joining from Kansas City was long time associate Peter “Moe” Conti.


Having lost their hold on Textile City during the 10 month-long trial, the crew instead decided to settle on Clinton Avenue in Vinewood. Now dubbed the Clinton Avenue Crew, they were quick to engage in various nefarious activities, and as a result cemented their foothold in the city as a major player; their allies grew from gangs operating out of South Central, to criminals of Eurasian descent (believed to be associated with Vor v Zakone).


Unfortunately, expansion into a “cowboy state” like San Andreas (a state which isn’t claimed by one particular group, is rather an open playing field for various outfits) doesn’t come without competition. The Clinton Crew soon became aware of the presence of another Italian-American organization within Los Santos, apparently based out of Del Perro. Not known to have any connection to a bigger family, individuals such as Anthony Scutari and Donald Pagano stood out as the men believed to be heading the rival faction.


This rival faction, however, operated far more openly and erratically in comparison. While that was a plus in that they drew the heat away from the Clinton Avenue Crew, it was also a negative as constant tension strained an already shaky rivalry. Additionally, the originally Del Perro-based crew began expanding into Vinewood, and it wasn’t long before a conflict was sparked. A sit down was attempted, but ultimately failed with strong words exchanged between Lena and Scutari.


Soon after, the deaths of both Pagano and Scutari were ordered. The former was killed by his own crew over suspicions he was working with the authorities, which left Scutari, who was later executed by Roy Capra and his right-hand man Thomas “Verbatim” Alo. Scutari, followed by an associate of his, was lured into a trap house by Clinton-allies and gangland leaders of the sureño set Jamestown Mafia, before being ambushed.



In the Blink of an Eye…


After the eradication of the Del Perro based rivals, the group saw a more formal structure take form. Salvatore Lena returned from a trip home to Kansas City, where he was believed to meet with Civella family administration in regard to the group’s activity on the West Coast. What was discussed in the aforementioned meeting, at this point, is entirely unknown. However the consequences marked a re-establishment of the historical Los Santos Crime Family with Salvatore Lena at the helm. With him he took Roy Capra as his underboss, and Frank Piccarelli as consigliere. Shortly after the event, both Peter Conti and Thomas Alo were said to have received official induction into the crime family’s membership.


But the rise of the family was short-lived with Roy Capra indicted only weeks later.



The Conti Crew


Following a major collapse to the family’s structure, a single crew remained. Led by the only remaining member of the family who hadn’t disappeared - Peter Conti, who had recently seen himself climb to the rank of Captain within the family - the Conti Crew was established and faced with the task of slowly working through the rubble and rebuilding.




Internal Struggle of Power


Shortly after the solidification of the Conti Crew, Peter Conti met with fellow Capo of the dilapidated Los Santos Crime Family, Thomas Alo. At this meeting, by the order of Conti in a bid to ensure he seized power over what remained, his associate Joseph Campagna stepped out of the car with an assault rifle and shot him dead. This was the spark that ignited a minor conflict between Peter and his former allies, a majority of the remnants of the Los Santos Crime Family went missing after the collapse - leaving The Conti Crew with stability and safety. However, Peter Conti had recently been informed that one of his associates, James Padanova, was a rat. He ordered one of his associates, Dominic Altomare, to take care of him; and so it was done. The Conti Crew was able to operate without fear of their former friends and allies- turned rivals, coming after them and their operations.




Reclaiming Vinewood


The Conti Crew was in the clear, or so they thought: New rivals from out of state appeared in Conti’s territory, Vinewood. The Lagrusa Crew had taken Los Santos by storm, quickly upstarting a variety of businesses and rackets. Peter Conti did not take a liking to this, and he sent recently-made soldier Joseph Campagna in an attempt to peacefully demand a piece of the pie. This did not end well, with the newcomers arrogantly ignoring the modest request. Peter ended up taking it into his own hands and arranged a sit down in neutral territory with Lagrusa, whereby it was agreed that the infringing crew would pay a weekly tribute. That weekly tribute was skimped out on however - their end of the bargain was not upheld. Joseph Campagna and Dominic Altomare arranged for the killing of the two heads of The Lagrusa Crew through The Gravedwellers MC, and were successful in their endeavor; Vincent Meadows delivered Francis Giola’s head to them, and the conflict was put to an end.




The Conti Crime Family


Shortly after, Dominic Altomare was granted his button; Daniel Santoro and Henry D’Amico followed suit in the following months. The crew’s hold on the city was strong as ever, a force powerful enough to contend with what the original Los Santos Crime Family had been. Peter Conti had risen from the ashes of the former family to create an entity way past what you’d consider a reconstruction. When he decided that this entity was more than a group of affiliates, more than a crew - it was then that the Conti Crew became the Conti Crime Family. With him he took Dominic Altomare as his right hand man, or underboss, and Joseph Campagna as his advisor, or consigliere. Salvatore Lena and Frank Piccarelli had vanished, and Roy Capra was serving life in prison; the new trio took their seats at the administration unchallenged.


OOC Information

The Conti Crime Family aims to realistically portray an Italian-American organized crime family. We are always happy to help anyone looking to better their roleplay within the sphere of organized crime, but any attempts at deliberate trolling or sabotage of the faction will not be tolerated. As such, we have the following rules in place:


  • Upon becoming an associate of the faction, you grant us the right to character kill (CK) your character if deemed necessary by faction leadership.
  • Permission is required to post screenshots on this thread; ask the faction leadership.

  • Recruitment takes place strictly in character.


Questions or concerns can be sent directly to @Ohngesicht @UTOPIA or @Rumbunctious - all disputes are to be kept off this thread!

Edited by Rumbunctious
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Chef    551

The only ones suited to take the crown.

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Benny Black    382

Best of luck to bowl-cut and his gang of misfits, but nah seriously. Best of luck boys.

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