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Loremaster / Content Creators

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Augustus    27



I'd first like to start out by saying good morning to everyone. Some of you by now know me or of me, so I'll skip the introductory part of my piece.


This suggestion is a proposition for a forum role and/or newly created staff position of Loremaster. In this situation, Loremaster would be a singular position for an individual - or individual(s) assigned to the duty of maintaining server lore & continuity. After many long evenings of browsing old topics throughout the forum, there are many particular questions remaining unanswered. Questions that very well could aid individuals, factions, and other congregations of members in establishing a well rooted backstory, or future roleplay plans.


"What would the Loremaster do?"


Working in partnership with the server's senior leadership in order to preserve the server's creative integrity, the Loremaster would abide to many duties, such as:


  • Create stories and history for various server facets; to include tying in the current server setting to a 'larger picture';
  • Communicate with server administration for future large-scale events or scenarios;
  • Act in part as a community quality assurance liaison; thoroughly researching topics or information pertaining to player/server content;
  • Create media & creative content to enhance player immersion, both in and out of game;
  • Clearly define the borders of real-life & server lore, in direct cooperation with management;
  • Provide for the server a written history of the in-game community, detailing player factions of days-gone-by & influential characters/events;
  • Other immersive provisions to enhance the player experience, ultimately seeking to answer questions affecting roleplay.


While the position may seem mundane, it is clear to outline that the role should & ought be strictly support-oriented, serving a sole purpose of content creation & quality assurance for lore-based items/context.


Ideally, Loremaster as a position would require of its' incumbent to be:


  • Consistently active within the community & forums;
  • Proficient or versed in creative media platforms, such as Adobe Premiere/Suit, Sony Vegas, et cetera;
  • Of mature & sound character, capable of realistic creativity pertaining to the role;
  • Creative;
  • Communicative;
  • Meticulous;
  • and Informative.


Common questions the Loremaster could address:


  • "How long do days, weeks, months, and years last in-character:out-of-character?"
  • "Are we on an island, or apart of the continental United States?"
  • "Does X State exist?"
  • "Are we apart of our own timeline, or the regular Grand Theft Auto 3d Universe continuity?"
  • "Did GTA San Andreas happen?"
  • "Does X person, faction, historical group, or scenario exist?"
  • "Does my faction backstory conflict with server lore?"
  • "What is the server's official lore?"


If anything, this thread will hopefully invite some interesting discussion regarding the topic.









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Bospy    167

I think that Ethanol and FM have an official "continuity team" that already sort of serves this purpose within the internal parts of the staff team, but having some player involvement to be able to add input/contribute to some aspects of the lore would be a cool idea for people who don't have 100% of their time to invest into the staff team.

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