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Rheotic's guide to screenshots.

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Rheotic    125

First of all, I like to keep my font size small and quirky, I feel like it looks the best that way. If you'd like to adapt my style of editing, you can go ahead and set your /fontsize to 90%.  I also like having a lot of lines of chat so I wouldn't have to take 3 screenshots of /blindfold just to capture one scene of roleplay text.


I use Photoshop CS6 for my edits so if you're using a different version of Photoshop you might not find the same options as I do.


Alright, so let's choose the background picture.


Crop out a nice piece of the background picture you'd like to put on show, you can zoom in and make a nice scene picture or just crop a cool piece out of it.



Once we've got that out of the way, change the size of the picture to 1100. (Make sure you've got constrain proportions checked out)




Next thing we wanna get in the picture is the text, the most important part of the screenshot. In order to get a nice compatible text screenshot, you'd have to /blindfold and capture a screenshot of the text with /blindfold, it should look like this.




Now, once we've got all of our chat screenshots we're ready to compose the last stage of the screenshot edit. Open up your chat screenshot, and re-size it to 1500 (have "Constrain Proportions" on) Next thing we wanna do is select the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" which should look like this; download__3_.png. Now select a nice portion of your text (Make sure you're selecting just the IC chat part, without any /b or ads in it!!) After you've selected your desired chat, press Ctrl + C and now switch back to the background picture and hit Ctrl + V. It should look like this.




Next step is to remove the black background from the chat, and in order to do that we're gonna select the Magic Wand Tooldownload__5_.png. You'll have to change the Magic Wand's settings to this, it is a must if you want your chat to look good. download__6_.png

And now we can finally remove the black background, in order to do so you'll have to select the Magic Wand and click on the black background of the text and hit Delete. Now, we're left with just the chat, but with no stroke! So what we'll do next is to select Layer 1, which is the text layer and click on Blending Options > Stroke and set it to 1px, Position: Outside. It should look like this. download__7_.png


If you've done everything by the book, the screenshot should come out like this.


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Tseard    43

Thanks for the guide!

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