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[Saints News] Wrong Side Of The Tracks

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HaveADream    146
Posted (edited)




Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Fire Helicopter Down In Strawberry


Mystery surrounded a helicopter that was found, having crashed landed on a tramline in South Los Santos, closing nearby highways and roads. The helicopter in question was a Cargobob Jetsam belonging to the Los Santos Fire Department. It is currently unknown how the helicopter managed to crash directly into the tramlines, but speculation at the scene suggested that there were no fatalities as a consequence of the crash landing. The helicopter suffered severe damage, with smoke billowing out from under it, with debris laying around the tracks and below the bridge, there was somewhat significant damage to the tramline itself, suggesting that there may be a long term closure of the Los Santos Transit system while it is repaired. We spoke to Deputy Chief Lionheart to find out more about the situation.


Approximately an hour and a half ago, we received a fire call-out in Banham canyon, to which our units, Brush 1 and LifeFlight 3, which is the aircraft in question, responded. On the way to the scene, our aircraft had suffered an engine failure and had to return to Station 7, however, along the way, we received a distress call for an emergency landing from our Lieutenant piloting the aircraft, LifeFlight 3. At this time, that's all the information we can give, however, we will be running a full-scale investigation with cooperation from the LSPD.


Between the distress call and the present, it seems the helicopter downed in Strawberry, and evacuated before our arrival. 


The Los Santos' Media Relations was unavailable for comment. 


This article contains sponsored multimedia advertisements. This has not affected the content of this article.


Saints News







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Tr1bal    237

Username : Simmons200022

Comment : At least there were no fatalities.

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