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The South Florida Crew

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Kilos    21
Posted (edited)

08/11/2013 -- The Mob.


The influence and influx of Italians has been spoken of for a number of years, even as time goes on you can never truly say it doesn't exist. It is estimated almost eighteen thousand tied to organized crime still live within Los Santos. Crimes such as gambling has always been the financial cornerstone of the Mafia. While lotteries have cut into the numbers racket and horse racing, boxing, and baseball have waned in popularity, other sports like professional football and college football and basketball have added huge potential revenue streams. While the corner bookmaker is also a thing of the past, the Mafia has adapted to new technologies and the Internet to facilitate multi-million dollar sports-betting operations. In 2012, a high-ranking member of the Genovese crime family and several associates were arrested and brought up on racketeering charges related to an illegal betting website. Along with gambling, comes high-stake blackjack. With the financial excess of the twenty-first century and the rapid increase in the popularity of blackjack, another illicit Mafia market was created. Seemingly overnight, hundreds of high-stakes blackjack clubs opened, especially in Los Santos. The clubs were almost entirely operated by mob-connected individuals or paid protection money to stay open. Not only did they operate in blackjack, sports betting and gambling but criminal circles rooted further down operating within the narcotics trade -- In other relation to the ties in Los Santos, it's believed that up to eighty (80) other suspects are being held on charges of extortion, illegal gun possession, arson, Mafia association and other crimes back in Sicily, Italy. 


November 14th 2013 -- Ocean Side Crew & South Florida

November 14th, Across local news and posted online near enough everywhere Normandie Avenue's new Jersey Roy's ownership revealed after weeks of re-vamping the heart-warming sports bar that would finally open their doors to the general public. After the influx over the years of Italian-Americans, it is estimated a rough seven thousand remain within the heart of America. Most following their childhood dreams of achieving greatness within the big apple, it's another thing to actually achieve those dreams. When this story first got brought up to our attention here at Los Santos Times we were more than happy to reach out and contact the ownership of Jersey Roy's, unaware of owner Roy Zappola being on holiday Los Santos Times were unable to gain any more information. Jersey Roy's offers a heart-warming feeling so close to the city. Serving the best cold and hot drinks with Los Santos, with Jersey Roy's being located so close to the city. It's no wonder it has gone down a treat. Jersey Roy's play weekly sports on their big screen as well as offering the finest snacks and refreshments in the city. 

South Florida (Stuff quoted from FBI CASE: #89992 C. Palmese)

After the death of Palmese's father, Ralph at the age of seventy-three due to natural causes Christopher started to invest more and more time into the likes of fraud, loansharking and extortion by any ways necessary. Palmese Jr went on to take South Florida by storm, controlling most of the illegal gambling spots in Florida by the age of twenty-six. (26) In his line of work, Palmese has never turned his back on money and that's one of the reasons his record speaks for itself, Palmese currently has seven convictions including fraud, loansharking, breaking and entering, trespassing, extortion and a history of violence. After four years of controlling Florida, Palmese slipped up trying to be greedy and extort one last spot of interest, unaware of the outcome. Palmese was sentenced for a total of 12 years, on good behavior he'd come home in six. Palmese served his sentence to the best of his ability, leaving behind his assets and cash flow to Gary Messina, a reported known figure within the Ocean Side Crew. Throughout Palmese's sentencing Gary and Chris found ways to keep in touch without making it obvious as Gary Messina at this point was under close surveillance from the FBI, as he was believed to be leading the Ocean Side Crew without Palmese but under his permission. During Palmese's time in prison, miles away from home and not the first time he was in the same four walls. Palmese did daily exercise work outs, plus taking part in the odd education class just to pass the time, on doing so Palmese came in contact with Roy Zaps, Roy Zappola in full. Another inmate stuck serving a sentence, funnily enough Italian-American from New Jersey. By the time Palmese was up for parole, chance of freedom and a life. Zappola and Palmese had already bonded to a point, Palmese ensured Zappola he would do anything he could to help once they got released. Let's push things forward, Palmese never got his release from prison. Chrissy P got himself cornered and beaten to within a inch of his life and quite simply never recovered. Six months later the doc pronounced him dead on his recovery ward. Zappola went on to leave the city and start fresh upstate. 


August 13th 2019 -- Zizzo & DeAngelis 

Six years on from the death of Christopher Palmese and rumor was out that his nephew wanted to pick up on lost time and income. Palmese's nephew James "Jimmy" Rizzo and childhood best friend Vito DeAngelis had followed various traces for the whereabouts of Roy Zappola which resulted in failure as Zappola had been clipped two years previous. Law Enforcement had found Zappola in a pool of his own blood at his rented apartment in Las Vegas. After receving most of Palmese's assets DeAngelis and Jimmy were set. Approaching the city once again, on getting to the city. DeAngelis and Zizzo met with oldschool friend Carmine Ferrante, after a couple of months of getting known with the city once again. Zizzo brought his nephew on board George Castiglione went on to bring along Charlie Provenzano at the time, owner of Glass Heroes and Cockatoos Nightclub. At this moment in time, that's all that can be reported.

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