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GTA V exited unexpectedly.

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iHazard    0

Okay, so I havent had GTA installed on my computer since 2017. Last multiplayer client I used was GTA:Network, when I was helping the team test the early versions of it.

I have recently wanted to see how the GTA V RP world has developed. So I install RageMP. Launch it, direct connect into the server and start downloading. After about 10-15 minutes. Game gives me some error, that I dont remember what it was. I try to re-launch, and get this error every time. 




If I remember right, it should say "_____ Signed in (Offline)" When launched, and it does not say the offline part.

I have redownloaded the newest Visual C+

Ive also been launching as admin.


Singleplayer and Online work fine. 



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