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The Police Department & You

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Keane    153

The thread has been unlocked.

One important thing to remember is that this thread is here to give LSPD leadership feedback on how they can improve the faction. Feedback, when given in a constructive way, should not be met with over-the-top defensive responses. If you fail to see any value in the feedback being given in this thread, you are part of why members of the community feel that there is issues within the faction. While there are many examples of poor roleplay around people that break IC laws, it does not mean that every player in an illegal faction that posts here is also someone that frequently breaks the rules. There was some good feedback but it was unfortunately derailed by people who were not open to said feedback. 

Similar advice can be given to those outside the LSPD replying here. The faction isn't entirely made up of robocop self-inserts that speak like they got off the plane from London five minutes ago. There is a lot of good roleplayers in the faction. It's just the nature of a law enforcement faction that you usually see them when they are there to bring consequences down on your character. It's easy to get frustrated when an enjoyable roleplay scene is cut short by a police response.


Many LSPD faction members are still learning. Just like learning how to roleplay in a particular illegal faction, it takes time to learn how to roleplay a law enforcement officer well. A lot of the LSPD members you interact with have only been in the faction for a month or two. On top of learning all the IC and OOC faction regulations, the person has to learn about American law, IC laws, and how to portray an American cop at the same time. It's easy to identify weak roleplayers in an illegal faction because they're much smaller. This makes it easier for the faction leaders to teach them. In a faction as big as the LSPD, it can be more difficult for the people at the top to see who the bad roleplayers are.


If you have a negative experience with specific faction members, report them privately to LSPD leadership. This will help them identify the weaker roleplayers and help them improve in the same way the leadership of an illegal faction helps their members improve their roleplay. 

Everyone here has to remember that on the forums, we're not cops and robbers. We're all community members that want an enjoyable experience when we log in. Henning hit the nail on the head in his last post. As long as both sides see it as "Us vs Them", then we'll never see any improvements. We can't assume that the majority of people that do a particular roleplay are terrible because of a few bad apples. 

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Max3    10

One thing is all the meaningless car chases. 


Most areas in America have anti chase rules; do not chase unless it is a violent crime. No officer would risk everyone’s life for $180.64 that he won’t ever get to touch.

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Keane    153

Sorry for locking it again so soon after my last message but I think it's best if we give LSPD leadership a chance to respond to what's been said. I unlocked it a little too early. It will be unlocked as soon as a representative of the LSPD is able to respond to everything that has been said so far.

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