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Business Manager

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St3fan[NL]    105
Posted (edited)
Feature Showcase: Business Manager


There was a demand for business owners to gain more control over their businesses. Recently /bdeliverypoint was added to decide where you want your business' delivery point to be. Also /bmaxcomp was added to decide how big you want your business' component stock to be.


With the Business Manager you can browse through a couple of useful menus to do various actions which make you more in control of your business. You can open this business manager directly from your business menu.




Business Rank system: employee, supervisor, manager, owner

Employee: Cannot access the business manager.

Supervisor: Can access the business manager to view the Dashboard, Employees and Purchases. They can only hire and fire employees.

Managers: Can access the business manager to view all the menu panels. They can do the same as supervisors and change various business settings, take money out of the business bank and deposit money into the business bank. They can also view the business bank logs to see where the money went.

Owner: The owner can do the same as a manager, but on top, they can also promote and demote employees.


Purchase logs: Every item purchased in a store (24/7, ammunition, phone store, tattoo shop, mechanic garages) will be displayed in the purchase logs. Only 40 last ones will be loaded to minimize the load size. These logs are IC.


Bank logs: Every time a manager or the owner takes money out of the business bank their action gets logged. This way the managers and owner can keep track of where the money goes. These logs are IC.


Text commands


/businessmanager (/bmanager)







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